Bob Moore's Photos


Bob Moore was assigned in 1970/1971 to the 535th TAS as a Squadron Admin Clerk.  Along with his friend from Basic Training, John Schuepbach, they managed to keep the office under control while many of the rest of us were out playing in the mud.  Bob and John are both law enforcement officers these days, so mind your manners while in their respective neighborhoods!  These are a few of Bob's photos taken around Cam Ranh Bay.


Bob's Photos

535th TAS World Headquarters Bob At The Office
Bob At The Office Slaving At The Office
Cam Ranh Barracks Area Sandbag Revetment
Home, Sweet Home John and Bob
What Am I Doing Here? If You Got 'Em, Smoke 'Em
Bob At Home

Dressed For Work

Indigenous Resident Ho Chi Minh's Mother
View Across Barracks East Perimeter Road
View To The West Cam Ranh Bay AB
South China Sea View Toward Nha Trang
More South China Sea Beach Area
Mama San 1 Mama San 2
Mama San 3 Fini Party


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