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In Jerry's own words:

"I entered the Air Force in June 1966 and attended Basic Training at Lackland AFB, Texas. Following Basic I attended Tech School at Sheppard AFB, Texas where I was trained to be a reciprocating engine aircraft mechanic AFSC 43131A .
After Tech School I was assigned to the C-47 Flight Line at Maxwell AFB Alabama as a crew chief on aircraft #392. I received my 5 level at Maxwell and advanced to the rank of E4 (Sgt).
In August 1968, I was assigned to the 304th Field Training Detachment at Sewart AFB Tenn. for a brief familiarization course on the C-7A Caribou.  In October 1968, I was assigned to the 483rd CAM Squadron at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam as an aircraft mechanic in the Phase Docks and later the Post Dock Section.  I was privileged to be associated with some of the best people I have ever known during my tour of Vietnam.
I had orders to go to Altus AFB Okla. and a line # for Staff Sgt in Oct 1969 but I was offered the option of an 8 month early out.  I jumped on that like a bobcat on a three legged deer.  I had seen that we were not going to win that war and that the politicians had screwed us royally. 
I was discharged on October 16, 1969.  I followed the progress of the war until we pulled out and watched with dismay and disgust as the communists tanks rolled into Saigon and the war ended.  We might have lost but it wasn't because we didn't do our  duty."

Jerry's Photos

483rd CAMS Shower and Toilet Facilities Waste Disposal
OOPS!!! OOPS!!!, Again
Decontamination Urban Renewal
Scruffy Troop Mail Call
Unwinding John Wayne


Sgt. Todd
Main Drag Finished Product
Oil Leaks Santa Bou
Last Working Day Army and Air Force
Dock #1, Cam Ranh Bou Prop Hub
My Gooney Bird Home Sweet Home
Fresh Meat Break Time
Neighbors More Neighbors
Just Chillin' Engine Cowling
Thanksgiving Menu Cover Thanksgiving Menu
Proud Dad


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