Mark Hunt's Photos


Drag Chutes
Sgt. Mark Hunt, 12th TAS on the West ramp.  Part of our job was to roll up the Drag Chutes from the F-4s after they jettisoned them at the end of the runway.  When business was slow, one of us would lie on our back in the back of the truck.  We would clutch the drag chute tightly to our stomach after we put the D-ring in the trailer hitch. The driver would then call the tower for landing instructions (they would be as bored as us and wanted in on the act too).  The driver would then give that slant 6 Dodge all it had on 02L.  After we got up to 60 MPH the guy lying in the back would throw the drag chute out. It was an impressive sight watching those 66 Dodges roll out after landing with drag chute deployed!


30 Dec 2001 04:26 PM