Chris Daly's Santa Bou Photos

Phu Cat's 1970 Santa Bou

As a point of interest and to update the history of tail number 62-4174 (C/N 114), it was Phu Cat's Santa Bou in 1970 and most likely 1969, 1968 and 1967. The "most likely" part comes from a maintenance write up after it had served as Santa Bou in 1970 and was repainted that with full nose up trim the aircraft still wanted to go nose down. The pilots had to hold the yoke aft of neutral to maintain straight and level flight.

Upon weighing her we found she was all but out of limits for weight and balance (the CG was at the extreme front what was allowable of the MAC).  A review of the 459th's TAS squadron scrap book showed that it had been Santa Bou before.

When the paint was stripped, the nose showed at least three and probably four hand done "Santa Bou" paint jobs (plus the normal the camouflage paint scheme between each coat). Taking her down to sheet metal and repainting her in accordance with the applicable USAF tech manuals and regulations brought her center of gravity back where it belonged (and added a few hundred pounds to her ACL).

Chris Daly
459th, 1970


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