Dyess Memorial Photos


Missing Man Formation
As appropriate for the ceremony, Don "Tiny" Malm and four of his friends fly a Missing Man formation in their Confederate Air Force aircraft.  In this shot, the center aircraft is just breaking out of the formation.  The lens used for this photo was just not long enough, so if anyone has a better shot, let your webmaster know.

Here is Don "Tiny" Malm's description of the aircraft and pilots who performed this most important of ceremonies for us:

Information on Aircraft and Pilots in Flyover

The lead aircraft is flown by Willie Walker (83 years young), back seat is Charles Screws (80 years younger). These two gentlemen spent 8.5 years rebuilding this beautiful T-6 after not being in the air for 47 years, and have been flying it for almost 4 years. Both are WWII pilots and retired from the USAF.  Number two aircraft is flown by Don "Tiny" Malm (younger than above, 67) this aircraft is also rebuilt from three other ones and just repainted and flown home on 6 Mar 2002.  Back seat is Captain Anthony Deguchi, he was one of the ground crew that maintains our C-7 in the Air Park along with Sortie Production at Dyess AFB, Texas. (1-915-696-4426 ) call and say THANKS!  The number three aircraft is flown by Bob Snyder, he is a rancher and oil drilling CEO from 60 miles north of Abilene, he also owns and flys a T-6 (the youngest, 52). No back seater, he flew in just for flyover and RTB to Albany, TX after mission.

We are all members of the CAF (Commemorative Air Force) with HQ in Midland, Texas.  Our mission is to maintain and fly these WWII aircraft to let everyone know how our Freedom was won so many years ago. Thank all members and families of the C-7 Caribou Association for allowing us to Honor our HEROES.

Colonel Don "Tiny" Malm,
Chief of Staff, CAF
God Bless

I think I can safely speak for everyone in saying that the honor was ours for you to give up being at the ceremony to provide the traditional Air Force tribute of a Missing Man formation in memory of our fallen brothers.


19 Mar 2002 08:52 PM