The Dyess AFB Memorial


Dyess Air Force Base
10 April 2002

Dear Lord- It is with humble hearts that we gather here today to dedicate this Shrine to our 38 comrades who had their lives taken from them in the service of this great Nation. Let this monument forever be a reminder to those who visit this place that these men were patriots. Patriots who loved this land, loved the flag of this Country and died in the support of the United States foreign policy and ideals of democracy.
Father in Heaven, each of us here today fully acknowledge that but for your Grace it could have been any one of us being memorialized. We, the survivors, must rededicate ourselves to the preservation of those treasured ideals. We, the survivors, recognize a moral and spiritual obligation to these 38 colleagues and to those now silent Squadrons marching before you. The thunderous roar of their silent tread is deafening to our very souls.
Bless this gathering of military veterans, their families and a special blessing, Dear Lord, to those families whose loved ones we honor here today. We ask that the actions we take, in your name, be acceptable and receive your blessing.

Lieutenant Colonel USAF Ret.
C-7A Caribou Association Chaplain


13 Jan 2009 03:31 PM