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Our Memorial Bench

Once again, Pat Hanavan has taken the lead and secured permission from the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB for the Association to place a Memorial Bench.  Once permission was secured, Pat contracted with Dodd's Monuments (the same company that did the bench for the NMUSAF) to have another one made just like the one we dedicated at NMUSAF.  That bench has now been constructed, delivered to Robins, and installed at the entrance to the hangar containing the Vietnam exhibits.

The photos below will give you some idea of where it is and what it looks like.


Aerial View of Museum of Aviation
This is an aerial view if the Museum of Aviation that shows the location of the bench.


Memorial Bench Photo 1
Once again, Thanks to the tireless efforts of Pat Hanavan, here is the memorial bench that is now in place at the Museum of Aviation.


Memorial Bench Photo 2
A photo from another angle.  The entrance walkway to the Museum's Vietnam Exhibit Hangar is visible in the background.


62-9756.  Photo taken by Joe Hines on 12 August 2012.


The bench on 12 August 2012.  From Joe Hines.
15 Aug 2012 04:08 PM

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