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Unit Patches

We're doing better, but we still could use some help from former members of the other units.  I need to borrow patches in as good condition as you can find for scanning.  All donations will be promptly returned.  If you can help out, let me know.

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These are believed to be "official" patches.

7th AF Patch Seventh Air Force
Courtesy of John Stymerski
483rd IP Patch 483rd Instructor Pilot
Courtesy of Mike Loughran
483rd AC Patch 483rd Aircraft Commander
Courtesy of Mike Loughran
457th TAS Patch The 457th Tactical Airlift Squadron
Courtesy of Mike Loughran
458th_patch.jpg (91458 bytes) The 458th Tactical Airlift Squadron
Courtesy of John Stymerski and Steve Lentz
459th TAS Patch The 459th Tactical Airlift Squadron
John Stymerski had this patch made from the logo on the squadron sign at Phu Cat.
535th TAS Patch The 535th Tactical Airlift Squadron
Early 535th TAS Patch This is an earlier version of the 535th from Vung Tau
ca. 1969-1970, Courtesy of Jon Mickley
536th TAS Patch The 536th Tactical Airlift Squadron
Courtesy of Milton Kelley
537th TAS Patch The 537th Tactical Airlift Squadron
Courtesy of Bob Dugan
317th TAW Patch The 317th Tactical Airlift Wing

These are unofficial patches

Dogpatch Patch The outfit many of us thought we were working for!
100 Missions Patch A donation from Mike Loughran
Bomb Hanoi Patch And another from Mike Loughran
Wargames Patch Southeast Asia War Games
Courtesy of Mike Loughran
Short Patch Short
Courtesy of Mike Loughran
Cam Ranh Bay Barracuda Diving Club, '71-'72
Courtesy of Frank Costanza


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