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The Missing Man


This page is dedicated to the Caribou people who have "slipped the surly bonds of Earth" for the last time.  Note: This is not an all-inclusive listing; these are the more recent departures for which we have obituary information.  Each name below is a link to that information.


Grave Sites

In the course of his reasearch, Pat Hanavan has located the grave sites of a number of our missing brothers.  As part of the By-Laws of the Association “…through communication and fellowship to remember their service to the United States of America and to honor the memory of those who were killed in such service during the war in Vietnam,” the Board of Directors encourages its members to visit the graves of those of us who have taken their last flight west into the setting sun.  To facilitate this, the list of known grave locations is provided by this link: Caribou/obit/C-7A_Where_Buried.pdf with entries arranged by state and city. If there is a grave near you, please visit it at least once year and leave a sign that our comrade is not forgotten. A small stone on the marker (a military tradition), flowers, etc. will show that he is remembered.


Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Johnston Piercy

Technical Sergeant Anthony F. Strovas, Jr.

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Raymond Vanness

Staff Sergeant Troy E. Shankles, Sr.

Chief Master Sergeant William M. Pszenny

Captain Robert Perry Jeter

Major Donald R. Malm

Technical Sergeant Alvin J. Balak

First Lieutenant Derrill Vance Seavey

Colonel Richard D. Besley

Captain Ronald R. Alexander

Lieutenant Colonel John N. Karamanian

Master Sergeant Edward Mednansky

Technical Sergeant Gilbert M. Nickerson

Colonel Stephen J. King

Lieutenant Colonel Milton Joseph Golart

Master Sergeant Stephen Kelley

Colonel Paul L. Peoples

Colonel Charles W. Hardie

Colonel Steve N. Pisanos

Colonel Elbert L. Mott

Sergeant Major Edward F. Komac

Brigadier General Duane H. Erickson

Captain David A. Sutton

Sergeant Terry L. Zook

Technical Sergeant James P. Butler

Colonel Neil V. Raymond

Colonel Michael A. Nassr

Colonel William F. Villines

Master Sergeant Robert L. Pfister

Lieutenant Colonel Miles Hunter Watkins, Sr.

Major James R. Luntzel, Jr.

Major Richard Boyd Dodson

Major James Earl Watson

Major Charles R. Henwood

Major Max Leroy Allison

Staff Sergeant Lawrence H. Schiff

Staff Sergeant Bruce Ainsworth

Chief Master Sergeant Dale Joseph Spence

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Gaston

Staff Sergeant Benny Joe Leonard, Jr.

Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence A. Corcoran, Jr.

Staff Sergeant Adam J. LaBove, Jr.

Major Richard L. Martin

Major Roger C. Tripp

Staff Sergeant Stephen T. Riedner

Thomas G. Neutzling

Master Sergeant Bobby Pennington

Major Wilbert J. Wetzel

Lieutenant Colonel Marvin L. Fluitt

Major Kenneth C. Barnes

Lieutenant Colonel Loyd G. Jenny

Lieutenant Colonel Jay W. Middagh

Clonel Joseph Roy Duhon

Lieutenant Colonel Roy M. White

Lieutenant Colonel Fred W. Schaumburg Jr.

Technical Sergeant Richard M. "Dick" Hufschmid, Sr.

Lieutenant Colonel William R. Findlay

Chief Master Sergeant William A. Zippel

Lieutenant Colonel Kent Rex Crenshaw

Lieutenant Colonel Julian Miller

Colonel George D. Rawlings

Lieutenant Colonel Francis R. Scobee

Master Sergeant George W. Olsen

Staff Sergeant Byrd D. Patterson

Lieutenant Colonel Alan L. Girod

Colonel William Walters

Colonel Harold John Zweifel

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Faulkner

Technical Sergeant James L. Touchton

Colonel Wilbert T. Turk

Lieutenant Colonel Clarence John Beardsley

Major James M. Kirk

Senior Master Sergeant Robert W. Markham

Major General James D. Kellim

Lieutenant Ellison Summerfield

Chief Master Sergeant William A. Kuehner

Staff Sergeant Coy Oliver Townsend

Colonel Wilson Petefish

Lieutenant Colonel Donald L. Irwin

Master Sergeant Grandison Vaughan

Technical Sergeant Kenneth E. Holland

Lieutenant Colonel James L. Collier

Lieutenant Colonel Richard E. Gaiser

Colonel Henry Glover

Lieutenant Colonel Gerald A. Ottem

Major Elton Z. Taylor

Master Sergeant John A. Harvey

Master Sergeant Jose Manuel Lerma

Captain Edgar Robert Melton

Lieutenant Colonel James R. Hope

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew J. DuPont Jr.

Lieutenant Colonel John W. Polk

Technical Sergeant Gerald H. Garner

Lieutenant Colonel James J. McKeone

Captain James M. Manning

Sergeant Thomas L. Finkler

First Lieutenant Dennis Maki

Master Sergeant Leroy William Samms

Lieutenant Colonel Harry L. French

Senior Master Sergeant Richard C. Obets

Lieutenant Colonel Robert H. Taylor

Lieutenant Colonel Clifford Ellis Tyler

Captain Charles E. Shipp

Master Sergeant Allan E. "Gus" Gustafson

Captain Christopher L. Kearns

Colonel Kent McCord Monroe

Lieutenant Colonel Walter Simons, Jr.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Fraser Payne

Lieutenant Colonel John Henry Wigington

Technical Sergeant John Earl South

Lieutenant Colonel William C. Hutchison

Captain James D. Finklea

Master Sergeant Charles Clayton Clarke

Sergeant John Walter Stymerski, Jr.

Technical Sergeant Robert Miles Ferguson

Lieutenant Colonel John William Staley

Lieutenant Colonel James E. Hagler

Senior Master Sergeant Lee R. Giles

Major Lanny J. Headley

Captain Allan James Stinson

Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Webb Tolbert

Colonel John E. Jolley, Jr.

Lieutenant Colonel James C. Buckley

Major Bernard R. Oden Jr.

Colonel William H. Mason

Lieutenant General Abbott C. Greenleaf

Colonel Donald F. Becher

Brigadier General Keith L. Christensen

Master Sergeant Humbert Pearce

Technical Sergeant James V. Douglas

Lieutenant Colonel James Thomas Roehm

Lieutenant Colonel Paul F. Pulse II

Lieutenant Colonel Gerald F. Elsbernd

Lieutenant Colonel Lewis F Gifford Jr.

Colonel Paul A. Whelan

Master Sergeant George G. Selbe

Master Sergeant Thomas M. Camp

Colonel Paul J. Mascot


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