The 2000 Reunion Schedule

Paul and Christine Phillips have been laboring for the past several months putting together a splendid array of activities for our Reunion 2000 in College Park, Md. The following is a brief, tentative list and short descriptions of what they have laid out for us. A final version of this list will be included in the next newsletter that should arrive the first part of July. I know that the following schedule will whet your whistle for a grand and fun reunion. A separate sign-up sheet is provided. We would appreciate those that are planning to attend send us the information as soon as you decide which activities you would like to attend.

Paul says that the Washington weather is great in September. There is a lot to do and see in the Baltimore Washington Area. For those that have served in the area when on active duty, this may be a chance to look up some old friends and visit some of the places you enjoyed before. For those that have never been to the Washington area, this will be a very exciting and informative time. The reunion has been extended by a few days to allow for extra time to relax from jet lag or a long drive. Brochures on most of the area attractions will be available at the registration desk. Each evening part of the ballroom will be used as the war room. Group rates have been requested for all of the activities of interest. Minimum group numbers must be met is some instances to qualify for discounted fees. Traffic in the Baltimore Washington area can be tough at times so buses have been selected as a better way to get around for group activities. For members with their own cars who want to go places, but not in groups, maps will be available.


Registration 3:30 pm. You may register at any time after today.
Free Time or NASA Site Visit at 1:30 pm 
This is a 1 hour walking tour of Space Telescope Operations Control Center & NASA Communications Center. Car pool to NASA.


Baltimore Inner Harbor: Leave hotel by bus at 9am and returns back to hotel at 5pm. The Inner Harbor is a great place to shop, be entertained and have a fun time, its known for it's many restaurants, seafood and fun eateries along the water. Some of the attractions in the Inner Harbor are:

  1. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is the centerpiece of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Experience the Magic of the Aquarium. Venture into the domain of dazzling real fish, sleek sharks, playful dolphins and thousands of other creatures including venomous animals in a gallery tailored just for them. Discover life and enjoy nature at Maryland's premier attraction. We are scheduled for 9:45 am at Aquarium. It takes about 2- 2 1/2 hour or till about 12:15. The price is 12.75 and $8.75 for seniors 60+. 
  2. B&O Railroad is the Birthplace of American Railroading. Take the nostalgic journey into America's past at the most historic site in American railroading. The Roundhouse was built in 1884 and is the most spectacular single sight at the museum. The museum houses the steam engine known as the "Tom Thumb" Steam Engine. Enjoy a light lunch in an original Dining Car and tour a Railroad Executive's Pullman's Coach. The Museum houses a Forty Foot HO layout. This is one of the oldest HO layouts of its kind. The B&O Museum costs $5.00/person if we have a group of 10. Individual rates are $7.00 and $6.00 for Seniors 60+. You can do the B&O Museum in 2 hours. 
  3. Baltimore Inner Harbor Cruise is $8.80. Seniors is $6.60 . You can get off at Fort McHenry and return on another boat. Cost for Fort McHenry is $5.00. Cost to touring the USS Constellation is $6.00. Seniors is $4.75. The boat ride is an hour without stopping at Fort McHenry. You can do Fort McHenry in an hour.
    The cost for the bus is $13.00 per person.


Andrews Air Force Base Special Mission Tour and Silver Hill Tour: Leave hotel at 8am and return back to hotel at 5pm. Arrive at the 89th Airlift Wing HQ. Tour Special Mission Aircraft used for Vice President and First Lady as well as Executive Travel. Continue on to President Heliport. Have Lunch at Andrews, each person will pay for his or her own lunch. The cost for the bus is $17.00 per person. Continue on to Silver Hill or Montpelier Mansion Art Center, 2pm . Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Paul E. Garber Preservation & Restoration Silver Hill Tour: Be prepared for the behind the scenes tour of the refurbishing the aircraft for the National Air and Space Museum. A visit to Montpelier is a return to the past to an era of gracious living and hospitality. Montpelier Mansion is a five-part composition main house and two wings. The house is of Georgian Architecture built in the late 1760's. On the site is an art center and English Tea house with many unique items. Cost to go to the Montpelier Mansion is $2.00. Cost of bus is $13 if you did not go to Andrews. 

Free Reception at the Sheraton 5-7pm


U S Navel Academy/Annapolis Tour: Leave hotel at 9am and return to hotel at 3pm. Navel Academy Tour includes an information movie followed by a walking tour of various buildings. The Academy's current activities influence what buildings will be seen. Part of the tour includes The Chapel, Student Dormitory and the Sports Complex. An impressive sight is the Cadets in full dress uniform come together and march off from the Noon Assembly. Cost is $16.00 per person.

Choices for lunch which includes chips, soda and dessert are: Roast Beef sandwich, Fresh Tuna salad sandwich, Sliced Turkey deli sandwich or Sliced Ham deli sandwich. Lunch at Navel Academy is $4.50.

Annapolis is the site of the State Rotunda of Maryland. It is located on the Water next to the U S Navel Academy. This is a unique town of old architect and waterfront splendor with a wonderful array of small shops and eateries in a quaint setting.

94th Aero Squadron Restaurant Leave hotel at 5pm and return to hotel at 8:30pm. Step into the past as you enjoy a wonderful meal. Take a walk down Memory Lane as you look at the various Memorabilia of War World II. A display of Fighter and Trainer Aircraft greet you as you enter the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant. per person to go to 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant. Buffet includes Caesar & garden salad, Chicken Marsala, Sirloin Tips, Baked Catfish, Mash potatoes, vegetable medley, rolls, coffee, tea and a chef’s selection of desserts. Bus cost is $4.50. The Buffet at the 94th Aero Squadron is $24.00 and includes tips and tax.


College Park Airport & Aviation Museum Tour: Leave hotel at 8 am and returns at 1 pm. College Park is the oldest and continuous operating airport in the country. Wilbur Wright taught the first Military Officers to fly at College Park. In 1911 the first Military Aviation School opened, soon to follow was the first bomb -dropping device, the first machine gun from a plane and the first use of lights for night landing. In 1918 the first airmail service from Washington DC to College Park Field took place, the airmail hanger and compass rose are still in existence today. In 1924 the Berliner's made the first controlled vertical flight, 1933 saw the first directional guidance system, the basis for the current instrument landing system ( ILS ) used by pilots today. The Aircraft that that we are trying to make part of a fly in, are the de Havilland C-7A and a Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey.

College Park Aviation Museum: Here you will find interesting facts about the first flying machines. The museum is rich in pre WW I history. On Display is a 1911 Wright Model B airplane one of the first Aircraft to fly. Also on Display is a Berliner Aircraft. In 1924 the Berliner aircraft made the first controlled vertical flight to make a Helicopter / STOL Airplane. Cost is $11.00 per person and includes the cost of the Aviation Museum.

  • Caribou Association Business Meeting 2pm
  • Group Picture 6-7pm
  • Banquet Dinner 7-10 pm: The menu choices are Breast of Chicken or Sliced Roast Beef or Vegetarian. Cost is $18.50 and includes tax and tip. Bar tabs are not included in this price.


Washington Tour: Leave hotel at 8am and return to hotel at 4pm. Lunch will be dutch treat, we will provide suggestions of where to eat. The cost is $12.00 for the Bus for the Washington Tour.

Burn Brae Dinner / Theatre: Bus leaves at 5:30 pm and returns at 10:30 pm First of all…Feast on a fine all you can eat meal. Top it off with ice cream, cake and coffee…then sit back and enjoy two hours of songs of the 50s and 60s… Songs by Peggy Lee, Buddy Holly, Elvis, the Temptations, the Supremes… Rick the DJ announcer keeps you informed as to each song the cast performs, as the night progresses into the second part of the show you jump into the 70s with the Mamas and Papas then… Sonny & Cher and a little disco. The cast do a wonderful job of keeping you entertained, Rick the DJ, keeps coming back to keep you informed as to each song, as the night progresses the feet are tapping and the hands are clapping until the end of the night, when every one is on their feet, arms in the air singing along with the cast. The cost is $35.00 for the Bus and the Burn Brae Dinner Theatre plus gratuity. Gratuity is left up to the discretion of each table because of the bar tabs each table may have.


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