The 2002 Reunion

Business Meeting Minutes

10/27/2002 10:23 PM

C-7A Caribou Association 2002 Business Meeting Minutes

1. Meeting called to order by President Steve Kelley.

2. Chaplain Bob Davis gave the invocation.

3. The President led the members in The Pledge of Allegiance. 

4. Reports:

  1. Reading of the old minutes. Secretary Jim Collier made a motion that the old minutes be accepted as published on the web page. The motion was seconded and passed by acclamation.

  2. Treasurer’s report. (Earl Reynolds)

  3. Quorum report. The Secretary reported that we had 461 active members and that a quorum was present for the meeting.

5. Old business:

  1. Bob Markham reported that the board has voted NOT to fund the repainting of the C-7A Caribou at Hill AFB for $5,000 as proposed by Jerry York at the 2001 General Meeting.

6. New business.

  1. The President asked the members to acknowledge the outstanding work Bob Dugan and Chairman of the Board Bob Markham did in planning and presenting the 2002 Caribou Memorial Dedication at Dyess AFB. The Board elected Bob Dugan as an Honorary Life Member for his work on the Caribou Memorial Dedication and for being the only member to attend all Caribou Reunions since 1992.

  2. The Nominating Committee Chairman Bob Dugan presented the nomination of the new officers. Nominated were:

    President: Wayne Delawter
    Vice President: Peter Bird
    Treasurer: Earl Reynolds
    Secretary: Jim Collier

There were no other nominations from the floor and motions were made, seconded, and approved for election by acclamation.

  1. Bob Dugan presented the nominees for at large Board members:

    Max Allison
    Bob Dugan
    Stoney Faubus
    Rick Patterson
    Otto Terrill.

    The members elected:

    Bob Dugan
    Stoney Faubus
    Rick Patterson

    as at large Board members for 2003.

7. Association Bylaws:

The president passed the gavel to Vice President Peter Bird who explained the reasons the non-profit status required a change of bylaws. He presented a motion by the Board to accept the new bylaws, which had been given to all members present. Milt Golart presented an amendment to require the bylaws to mailed to all members. The amendment was seconded and defeated. The motion to amend the bylaws was approved.

8. There being no new business, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved.

James L. Collier Sr.
Secretary, C-7A Caribou Association


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