2003 Business Meeting


C-7A Caribou Association 2003 General Membership Meeting
November 8, 2003


Call to Order

Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag 
Establishment of Quorum: As of Nov 1, 2003 we have 531 active members: 54 are needed for a quorum. A quorum is present.

Old Business

Approval of 2002 General Membership Meeting Minutes: Bob Markham made a motion to approve the minutes as published on the web page, seconded by Rex Sanford, Approved by the members.

Financial Report

An audit of the Treasurer’s books was accomplished by Pat Dugan, Shirley Allison and Norma Sanford. The Treasurer’s books were found to be in order. A motion to accept the audit and the Treasurer’s report was made by Bob Dugan, seconded by Rick Patterson and approved by the members.

New Business

Motion was made by John Mood to make the Vietnam Center, Texas Tech University, the official C-7Caribou Association Archive, and seconded by Ralph Erchinger. After considerable discussion, Wilson Petefish made a motion to move the question and Jim Collier seconded, and the members approved the motion.

Motion to approve a change to Paragraph 3 article 4 of the By-Laws was made by Wayne Delawter and seconded by Peter Bird and approved by the members. The changed By-Laws are posted on the website.

After considerable motions seconds and discussions the follow list of candidates were agreed on:

President:  Bob Markham
Vice President:  Peter Bird
Treasurer:  Earl Reynolds
Secretary:  Stoney Faubus

Board Members:

Larry Schiff, Dave Hutchens
Rick Patterson, Wayne Delawter
Al Cunliffe, Paul Phillips
Dave Hutchens, Jim Collier

The Officers were elected by acclamation. Dave Hutchens, Paul Phillips and Jim Collier were elected Board Members at large. Subsequently, Jim Collier was elected as Chairman of the Board by the new Board Members. The meeting was adjourned and all the members proceeded to the annual picture taking event.

James L. Collier, 537th 67
Secretary, C-7A Caribou Association 2003
December 10, 2003


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