Caribou Association

Group Photo


3rd Row L to R: Irwin “Herb” Holdener, Jerry Smolinsky, Sonny Spurger, John Tawes, Curry Taylor, Charles Tost, Clyde Wilson, Woody Woodbury, Jerry York, Dan Yost, Dick Brethouwer, Kelly Grissom, Jon Drury
2nd Row L to R: John Pfanner, Dave Hutchens (459th), Jim Laney, Bill Manier, Tom McHugh, Mike Murphy, Terry Obermiller, Billy Quinn, Mike Riess, Keith Ryland, Al Shanahan, ???, Jerry Smith, ???
First Row L to R: Aubray Abrams, Max Allison, Bill Berta, Dick Bunting, Jim Collier, Jim Davis, Bob Dugan, Bob Goebel, Ted Hanchett, ???, George Harmon


13 Jan 2009 05:58 PM

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