2007 Group Photos


Back Row L to R: Joe Zahradka, Wayne Delawter, Art Oxley, David Cormack, Richard Urbanovsky, Lee Corfield, David Sutton, J. D. Myers, Chris Nevins, Andy Quillope, Bruce Cowee

Front Row L to R: Bob Miller, Al Cunliffe, Ray Tanner, Doug Boston, Stoney Faubus, George Rawlings, Jeff Piercy, Paul Hodgins, Robert Hopkins, Steve Elsasser, Vic Nartz, Tom Neutzling

458th Spouses

Back Row L to R: Marie Oxley, Donna Corfield, Patty Delawter, Vicky Yamashiro, Carol Myers

Front Row L to R: Janice Miller, Shirley Cunliffe, Melva Faubus, Sue Elsasser, Cheryl Neutzling

Last, but not least...

Richard Yamashiro.  Richard, you are hereby instructed to show up at the 2008 reunion for remedial squadron photo training!



13 Jan 2009 06:03 PM