2007 Group Photos


Back Row L to R: A.J. LaBove, Dick Besley

4th Row L to R: Carl Kassen, Bob Waldron, Pat Ford, Mike Gould, Ted Frank, Robert Betz, Dean Chapman, Mike Messner, Larry Alten

3rd Row L to R: Mike Lavelle, Pat Hanavan, Wilson Petefish, John Westman, Wayne Brunz, Gary Wever, Staton Tompkins, Paul Holman, John Cowgill, Joe Graetch

2nd Row L to R: Pat Phillips, Larry Jackson, Fred Dimon, Johnny Scamardo, William Randall, Bill Buesking, Allen Cathell, Roger Wayland, Kenneth Mascaro

Front Row L to R: Jay Baker, SSgt Ike Murray, 1LT Jeff Hoelscher, MAJ Pete Axtell

535th Spouses

Back Row L to R: Marcia Chapman, Betty Petefish, Ginny Waldron, Sammy Kassen, Deborah Tompkins, Tara Wayland

Front Row L to R: Joyce Brunz, Restie Wever, Mae Buesking, Debbie Westman, Linda Besley, Joy L. LaBove, Barbara Phillips, Diane Baker, Debbie Alten, Pam Betz


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