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George Harmon

George HarmonThis is a "mini" biographical sketch submitted by George Harmon. The first part will concern his life history in phrases and the second part will discuss his hopes for our association.

Born in 1944 the first of six sons to a career Air Force officer, grew up on or near Air Force bases throughout the U.S. and England, graduated from West Point in 1967 and Air Force pilot training at Vance AFB, OK in 1968, graduated C-7 transition training at Sewart AFB, TN 1968, assigned to the 537th Tac Airlift Sq.(C-7) at Phu Cat AB, RVN 1969-70, flew in the Ben Het airdrops 1969, upgraded to instructor pilot C-7A 1969, graduated C-141 transition training at Altus AFB, OK 1970, flew worldwide missions on active duty and with the Air Force Reserve 1970-1976, upgraded to Flight Examiner Aircraft Commander C-141 1971, resigned from active duty to pursue an airline career 1972, hired by Western Airlines as a pilot 1973, became a Delta pilot in 1986 when Western was purchased, retired at age 60 as a Delta 767/757 Captain in 2004, flew the following civilian aircraft: Boeing 727, 737, 757, 767, Lockheed 1011, Douglas DC-10, MD-11 and the Learjet.  Also served as an Air Force Academy Liaison Officer, Disaster Preparedness Officer and Maintenance Officer at Kelly AFB in the Reserves.

I am married to a very supportive wife, Rebekah, who is from Springfield, MO where we now reside. We have a wonderful 9 year old daughter, Anna Marie. I also have a 40 year old daughter, Michele, who lives in Rhode Island with two children and her husband Dan (Cmdr. US Navy Ret.)

I am asking for your vote to be a Board Member at Large for our fine association. I believe I have already demonstrated a passion and ability to accomplish a very worthwhile goal for our association by taking on the responsibility of obtaining donations for and coordinating the restoration of Caribou #757 at Hill AFB, UT two years ago. I believe it is very important for us to honor our fallen Caribou veterans, remember our Caribou history and make it available to others especially at museums and preserve the C-7's that served us so well in Viet Nam. When we get together I hope to see and promote positive interaction and camaraderie.

13 Jan 2009 06:02 PM

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