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Bill Buesking

Bill BueskingI was born in Strasburg, Illinois in 1933. At age 18, during the Korean War Draft, I joined the Air Force.

In Basic Training I applied for Aviation Cadet Training, was accepted and graduated in Class 55A. Took Gunnery School at Luke AFB, in F-84s. I flew F-84s and F-100s at Weathersfield RAF Station, England.

1960 Attended Oklahoma State University under the AFIT program and received a BSEE.

1960 Then assigned to Air Force Systems Command at Griffiss AFB, NY. While there I completed a MSEE degree at Syracuse University.

1966 Assigned to Reese AFB as a T-38 Instructor Pilot. Several of my students received assignments to the C-7 Caribou and they reported that it was a pretty sweet bird, so I volunteered for SEA and the C-7. My year in the 535th TAS from March 70 to March 71 turned out to be very interesting, challenging and at times outright enjoyable since the Caribou was really a fun aircraft to fly.

Returned from Vietnam to Kelly AFB and finished 20 years in the Air Force and retired as a Major in 1972.

After retirement I received an MBA from the University of Texas in San Antonio, concentrating in accounting courses. I passed the Texas CPA Exam and then taught Basic Accounting for two semesters at the UTSA.

I worked as a District Executive with the Alamo Area Council, Boy Scouts of America and was employed with the council for five years. I served the council as the Financial Officer in charge of a one million plus annual budget.

I then held an engineering job at Kelly AFB for four years and later worked for the Air Force Intelligence Command until 1999 when I retired.

In 2002 I married my present wife Mae.

I attended my first Caribou Reunion at Odessa, TX in 2004. There I took on the task of 535th Squadron Representative, and that evolved into the Association Recruiter. Active Association membership has grown 35% to 710 in the last three years. In 2006 at Pigeon Forge I was elected as our Association VP. After our Treasurer resigned I accepted the position of Treasurer. I have worked to prepare a set of Financial Reports to completely disclose and report our Association financial status. I have accounting experience and the technical training essential to perform the required duties as Treasurer and I will continue to seek to improve reporting techniques as future requirements dictate. Along with three other members I have headed up the committee that is sponsoring this reunion in San Antonio. My association with the C-7A Caribou Association has been very rewarding and has brought me back into contact with people I haven’t seen in many, many years.

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