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Pat Hanavan

Pat HanavanGreetings from the Alamo City, Alicia and I came here in 1976 and fell in love with the city, its friendly people, and our church community. We have four children and seven grandchildren and celebrate our 50th anniversary next year. Although our roots are in Southern California, we retired in San Antonio after 20 years in the Air Force. I graduated from the Naval Academy (1958) and had two AFIT assignments ─ WP-AFB (MS in Astronautical Engineering), UCLA (PhD, in Astrodynamics).

My USAF career included flying, engineering, maintenance and logistics, and schools. My assignments included working on the joint NASA-DoD working group; project manager at SAMSO; R&D director at Hq AFSC; and chief of the Aircraft Division at Warner Robins ALC.

Retiring in 1978, my post-USAF career is in computer software and computer systems development; teaching at The University of Texas at San Antonio. I have my own company, PATH Computer Systems, that develops software for south Texas companies. My son, Michael and I, are the only father and son licensed as Professional Engineers in Software Engineering.

My Board Member At-Large appointment came when a vacancy occurred. I accepted the newsletter editor’s job last year and also the roster chairman when it became vacant. Last fall, I guided the installation of our memorial bench at The National Museum of the USAF.

Until 2006, C-7A Caribou reunions conflicted with other commitments. I owe a lot to the experience from my Bou assignments in Vietnam. My work for the Association is a small way to repay my debt for the stimulus to my military and civilian careers.

If I am elected to the Board, I will promote growth of the organization through great reunions, increasingly improved communications (newsletter, website, phone calls, emails), increased completeness of our roster, and improved clarity of our records. In 2008, we should try to erect other plaques where Bous are on display, e.g., Warner Robins, GA; Edwards AFB; Travis AFB; New England Air Museum; American Wings Air Museum.

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