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The Latest News — 03 Feb 2023

Memorabilia Sales are returning.
We have reached the point where we can once again offer memorabilia sales.  Please, don't request rush orders and it may be a little slower than in the past.

New — Airfield Database
This is a searchable database of all the airfields in South Vietnam from 1967 to 1973.

Awards & Decorations
Pat Hanavan and Peter Bird have now integrated the awards and decorations data into the Roster database so that it can be searched and kept up to date more easily.  The first attempt at a search page is posted and can be accessed through the History Index page.

New — Aircraft Roster
Wayne Buser's extremely complete roster of all 307 Caribou aircraft built by deHavilland has now been updated as of 6 September 2010.  The link to this page can be found here.

Latest Roster Update
The Roster is now updated through February 3, 2023.

Center for the Intrepid
The Association’s check and the one from Frank Godek were presented to the Director of the Center, Dr. Rebecca Hooper, over the holidays.  Click <here> for more information about the Center and how you can donate.

Reunion 2022
The Board has concluded that it is impossible to have a reunion this year, basing either in Atlanta or Macon.

Many members have told me that they want to visit the museum at Warner Robbins ASAP, while they can still travel.

We will have a one-day event for dedication and presentation of gifts (R-2000 engine, C-7A painting, Caribou artifacts from members) at the Museum of Aviation on 23 September 2022. Lunch will be provided by the Association, served around our aircraft.

You will be responsible for making your hotel reservation and travel plans.

Please, send me an email ( or call me (210-861-9353) to say that you and your guests (provide the total # of attendees) will attend on 23 September. This is essential to get a head count for lunch, tables, and chairs."

Retiree Info
New information on Agent Orange exposure is posted as of 28 October 2010.  This applies to everyone who served in Vietnam, not just retirees.

This is new feature of the web site that will allow you to read the formal motions and votes of the Board throughout the year.

An Unusual Tour of the NMUSAF
Click on the following link for a very unusal aerial tour of the NMUSAF!

Several new links to some C-141 sites have been added (17 May 2011)

Pat Hanavan has finished all five volumes of his comprehensive history of C-7A operations in Southeast Asia.  Information is posted on the History Page.

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The Caribou Tax
Just to reiterate the plea in the newsletter, the Association needs your support.  If you are a member, please check the roster and see if you are up to date.  If the "Tax" date is not "2022" or later, please get a check in the mail to Tom Snodgrass.  If you are not a member, please consider joining.  We welcome former Caribou people as voting members and anyone else who would like to help support the Association as non-voting members.  In either case, you will receive the newsletter.  Full information, along with Tom's address is on the FAQ page.

History Request

A number of us are trying to compile historical information on the USAF C-7A, C-7B, and its units (including training, AFRES, and ANG units).  The results of some of that work is to be found in our pages devoted to Caribou units and aircraft squadron assignments.  The information on public web sources is limited, but we have a huge wealth of it in people's heads.  It sure would be nice if some of it could come this way.  We are particularly interested in nailing down the location history of the Vietnam squadrons from 1 Jan 1967 and the aircraft tail numbers assigned to each squadron.  Following that, information on the Wing and Squadron Commanders is needed.  Until we can convince someone to take on the role of Official Historian, forward any information you have to your cantankerous Webmaster.

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