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There are many of us who would like to find "lost" buddies from our Caribou days.   This page is dedicated to that quest.  Just drop the Webmaster a note if you wish to have an item posted.  Be sure to include an email contact so people can get information to you.

Mark Ippolito writes: (18 May 2021)

My father, Gerald Ippolito recently passed away.  I am looking for any pictures or stories you all may be able to share.

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Spencer Mcdonald writes: (15 Apr 2020)

I am  looking for any pictures or stories of my father  Captain Daniel James Mcdonald (537th  1968).  Thank you.


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C. H. Harney writes: (25 Dec 2018)

My Dad, Marvin Douglas Harney, was in the AF from '64-'68.  He was in country from ~Sep. 1966-Dec. 1967 @ Ankhe.  He said that 18 people were chosen to go to each Caribou airbase to transfer the Caribous from the Army to the AF.  Dad was the one that drew the straw for Ankhe.  I would like to hear from anyone around that would have info about this.  I have photos and Dad is still alive. He is retired, living on a farm in KY.

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Greg Szimonisz writes: (14 Nov 2017)

My father, George Szimonisz flew in the 536th Tactical Airlift Squadron at Vung Tau in '67-'68. He's no longer with us and I'd like to correspond with anybody that knew/worked with him, or even someone that flew a Caribou there in the same time period at Vung Tau. I'm just curious about that time in his life and would like to hear/read stories.

If anybody could recommend some good reading on the subject I'd appreciate that as well.


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David Serbe writes: (12 Jan 2017)

I was an AGE mechanic (Amn) at Vung Tau from Nov 69 until July or Aug 1970, when they moved our Caribous permanently to Cam Ranh Bay. Left there back to U.S. (Homestead AFB) in Nov 70. Vung Tau was very interesting! Lived in the AF compound there; the small chow hall had steak cook-outs on Saturdays. Our pilots lived downtown in Vung Tau in a hotel. I had to pull guard duty there a couple of weeks. SPs dropped me off at midnight by jeep to the hotel, and I walked around its perimeter from midnight to 6AM. We AGE folks shared an open ended building with vehicle maintenance. I often drove the flight line, setting Caribou's up for the next day's missions, with A-1 generators. I often drove our yellow AGE tractor with a couple of our shop dogs, one on each fender. The tractor broke down once for weeks, and I towed AGE around by jeep on the line. Crazy place for a 19-yr old! We had a TSgt. McDonald (I believe) in charge of AGE; I worked with a Canadian who was in our AF: SSgt. Whetung. Anyone familiar with any of these memories - give me a shout! Thanks.

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Jeff Brown (MSgt, USAF, Ret.), Editor, Hangar Digest newsletter, AMC Museum, Dover AFB, Del. writes: (22 Dec 2016)

I'm writing an article for the Air Mobility Command Museum's newsletter about the C-7. I feel it always helps such articles if I'm able to get first-hand information from crew members and others who flew or worked on the aircraft I'm writing about. The C-7 we have at the Museum is SN 63-9760. I'd like to talk with any or all of you about the C-7 and this aircraft in particular. My father, MSgt. Walter E. Brown Jr was at CRB (483 Consolidated Acft Maint Sq) as an aircraft engine inspector from August 1969 to August 1970, so you might have run into him.
I'd appreciate hearing from any or all of you via return email.

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Pat Hanavan writes: (10 Dec 2016)

Does anyone know the present location of C-7A S/N 61-2384 which was flown to Thailand during the last days of the Vietnam War?

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Katie Hulin writes: (3 Nov 2016)

I just found your web page and it's my last hope for what I'm looking for. My best friend is the son of John O. Germeraad 535th TAS in 1968 and the grandson of Brig Gen.John H Germeraad. He always talks about them and wished he had some photos of them then. He talks about a certain one that they were both in and actually smiling. I would like to know if there is anyone out there that would remember and have any photos of them while in Vietnam. I would really love to find something , anything so I can surprise him with a truly wonderful Christmas gift that he can treasure.

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Kenneth D. Bryant writes: (11 Aug 2016)

Caribou FOLs in Viet Nam: Attention!!! I would like to request INFO from anyone involved with the training of VNAF aircrew and ground crew during the transition of 1971-72 and later. I was assigned to CRB from Aug'71 to March ’72 when we closed down CRB and were reassigned to 2nd Division of the VNAF at Phu Cat to train Vietnamese Air Force on the C-7A Caribou. I DEROS’d in Sept 72 and we were constantly getting more USAF members along with South Korean and South Vietnamese AF. When I arrived at Phu Cat AB there were only 93 Americans there (counting the 25 or so that I came with). We want to gather, share, and remember the times there at the close of the war and my memory is not that good!!!

Please feel free to contact me with info so that we can track down our history in this almost forgotten mission.

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William Clark writes: (10 Mar 2016):

I am looking for anyone who knew my father, Major William Jerome Clark III. He was stationed at Cam Ranh Bay in 1967. His unit was the 458th. His plane crashed on 11-30-67 during a normal transport flight. I believe the other pilot was Major Thomas Moore. (See the reference in Aircraft Losses.) Please contact me if you have info.


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Jake Seren writes: (22 Nov 2015):

My name is Jake Seren, I was stationed at Vung Tau '69-70' worked on flight line looking for any pictures of a Caribou that was painted up for the Christmas Season. Also would like to hear from anyone stationed there during that time.

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Shawn Giefing writes: (14 Oct 2015):

My Papaw SSGT (Ret) Elmer Dale Bass was one of the survivors of the Caribou that crashed on Hon Cong mountain 04 October 1966. He never spoke much about what happened before he passed in March of 2015. He always told me if I ever got to meet any of the other survivors from the 1st cav. To shake their hand and thank them for their service. Now as I get ready to join the army and become Air Mobile myself I find myself wondering the things him and his men endured. My papaw and all of the men of B Co, 8th Cav Reg, 1st Cav Div. have my respect as well as every other soldier that has served this country and paid the ultimate sacrifice. My papaw was lucky enough to make it home after the accident and live a good life. I wish the same for all the survivors of the caribou crash 63-9751.

All give some, Some give all.

 Anyone from first Cav. That knew my grandpa and want any info can contact me at the link below.


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Kim Vohatch writes: (19 July 2015):

[Note: This is a little different from most of the other entries, but it was felt to be appropriate to post it.  This is a young Vietnamese woman looking for her father, who was apparently a C-7A crew member.]

Unfortunately I do not have his name. All the major information we had on him was lost during an attack on our village. All I know right now is that he was with the 457/458th Airlift Squadron, he flew a C-7, he was African American, single, and an only child. He was a sergeant as well stationed at Cam Ranh with his unit from 1966 til about 1969 when he left. I hope that this helps if you search your database. He may recognize this picture attached, that is my mother Muoi which he called her Mai. My name is Kim too by the way, if you do happen to know him please contact me on at the link below. I just want to let him know he has a daughter  and two grandchildren. Anything is appreciated. Thank you.

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Rick Davis writes: (20 June 2015):

Looking for guys I served with at Vung Tau 1967-68. I was a crew chief on the C-7A Caribou.  I was stationed with the 536 TAC Cobra. Would love to reconnect . My name is Rick Davis but the guys called me, “Dave."

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Robert Short writes: (3 April 2015):

I was stationed with the 458th Tas from 69-70 as Crew Chief Red tail 144. If there are any buddies out there just send me an email.

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Doug Lewis writes: (13 October 2014):

Trying to locate any crewmember, preferably the AC, who blew a tire on takeoff from Phu Cat on  20(?) August 1967.  Landed at Cam Ranh Bay with foamed runway & did a 180 loop.  No fire.  No injuries.

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Joe Klingler writes: (6 October 2014):

My name is George (Joe) Klingler.  I was with the 134th Aviation Co and the 457th TCS in '66 - '67.  I would like to hear from old hooch mates or anyone else from that time frame.

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Ralph Rutkowsky writes: (13 June 2014):

My name is Ralph Rutkowsky. Crew chief @536 tac (595 plane in 68/69, Vung Tau). Looking for my buddy, Micheal Patrick Lee from Skokie, Illinois.

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Guy Goodlett writes: (28 May 2013):

I would like to find some long lost friends who were in the 457th TAS out of Cam Rahn Bay and Pleiku. I was a part of this squadron from Nov. 1967 until May 1969. Friends there called me Goody, and I'd like to find Francis, Fish, Bilot, etc.

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Dennis Christensen writes: (29 March 2013):

I am Dennis Christensen son of MSG Dale E. Christensen. I am looking for any information or stories about him, even the Good, the Bad, and the Ones you don’t write home about. LOL.  He arrived in country in July 1969 until his final mission on 2 Apr 1970 when the Caribou he was in was shot down over Dak Seang. I would really like to hear from those who knew him. Pictures would be great also. Thanks to all.....

My Slomail is:

10 Strickler St.
Philippi, WV 26416

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Dan Vinkemulder writes: (15 January 2013):

My name is Dan Vinkemulder and I worked in the Prop Shop at Vung Tau from Nov. 68 to the spring of 1970 when I was transfered to Cam Ranh. Looking for anyone who might have worked in the shop while I was there.

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Daniel H. Ferris writes: (13 September 2012):

I am looking for anyone who might have served with my uncle Sgt. Jerry W. Kingrey. He was a C7-A crew chief at Phu Cat. He trained in Sacramento (he joined the AF in late 68 or early 69 I believe). I believe that he arrived in Vietnam in December of 1970 and left in January 1972. From what I have been able to piece together (this all started when I set out to build a shadow box for him) is that he moved to Cam Rahn after the 537th was inactivated in August 1971. Based on what he told me in the past he continued to fly out of Cam Rahn after that. If anyone served with Sgt. Jerry Wayne Kingrey (from Roanoke, VA) I would appreciate any information.

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Phil Bulgach writes: (29 February 2012):

My name is Phil Bulgach.  I served in Viet Nam from January 1970-January 1971.  I was a crew chief on C7-A caribous. Initially I was stationed in Vung Tau, but transferred to Cam Ranh Bay in April 1970, and did TDY to Bien Hoa from September through December, 1970.  Interested in hearing from others that I served with.

Phil Bulgach

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John Skinner writes: (22 January 2012):

I was a clerk at the 536 TAS maintenance under Major Deardorff the Chief of Maintenance 1967-1968 at Vung Tau. I flew several mission on the C7A all over Viet Nam dropping off supplies to the Army and transporting people and animals. I worked with Red Horse, worked at a club and was captured one night taking Vietnamese home. I was told that the person that was captured with me may live in Iowa. I was riding shot gun and Charlie put a machine gun to my head. We were detained for a long time and finally let go. I didn't get afraid until years later after I left and wondered why I was not killed that night.

Major Deardorff had a blue jeep that I used to help set up Red Horse for the 535 TAS which was our support squardon. I flew with the crew and dropped off supplies in the jungles to the Army. We lived off base until the barracks were built and later we were in Tet. Our outfit was the first to take over the C7A from the Army.

I attended the Uni of Maryland while there and took two English Classes. There was a Major that ran the maintenance dock under Deardorff that smoked Dutchmaster cigars.

I would like to start communicating with those who were stationed with me during that time.

Contact John Skinner

Mike Grill writes: (4 December 2011):

Greetings from former SSGT Mike Grill.

I entered the Air Force from MEPPS Boston the day before Thanksgiving 1969. I have been living in Mesa, AZ for the past 12 years and as of Dec 2010 had to medically retire. I am so excited to have found your website, see your photos, and read your stories.

Just an FYI, my PTSD has gotten worse affecting my memory and that along with my age makes it is easier for me to remember events rather than names so I am hoping that anyone who knew me might recall me from the some of the events below. I think I have some photos around which I will look for and post. I know I have at least one of the famous Chiang Mi incident.

I arrived at Can Ranh Bay on 1/21/1971 and left the Nam from Cam Ranh Bay on 1/21/1972, following C-7A familiarization at Dyess AFB. I recall the big hangout in Abilene was a place called Dukey Land. It was a drive in burger joint where everyone went on Sat nights like in the movie American Graffiti which I was told was where the story line about one of the guys leaving for Nam the next day came from.

I arrived as a Buck Sgt from MacDill AFB, FLA where I crewed C47s and left as a Staff Sgt headed to Richards Gebauer AFB to work in the C-119 Phase Docks.

For the year I was in Nam, I spent 6 months at Cam Ranh and 6 months at Bien Hoa assigned to the recovery team so I flew over 500 hours to fix em and bring them home. As the airstrips we flew into had no lit runways we had to complete the repairs and have gears up before the official time of sunset or we were stuck at the location and nightly rocket attacks until the next day. Fortunately I was pretty good with the repairs and the Aircrews appreciated that with a lot of cases of beer and a few steak dinners at the Navy Club at Cam Ranh Bay.

I was at Cam Ranh when the bomb dumps went up and was part of the shut down team to close up C-7A operations at Bien Hoa and Tan Son Nhut in November & December of 1971. Also during part of the time at Cam Ranh, I was given a pet monkey from a Flt Engineer who was leaving Viet Nam.

Does anyone recall the Seagrams 7 short timers ritual? 30 days before we were scheduled to leave Nam, we were given a bottle of Seagrams 7 which we had to drink and empty the bottle in two weeks. Once it was empty we got to remove the gold and black ribbon and tie it to our watch. Each day we cut off a little piece of the ribbon which symbolized being a short timer.

At Bien Hoa we were housed in the abandoned Red Horse hootches and they were kind enough to leave their AC units for us.

I would love to hear from anyone who recognizes my name or any of the events listed above.

Contact Mike Grill

Donald Spanks writes: (26 October 2011):

I was an Airman 3rd class Recip. Aircraft Engine Mechanic assigned to Can Tho with the Air Force in November 1966 at the 134th Aviation Company. On January 1, 1967 we flew the  (CV2)  to Cam Ranh Bay as part of the the 483rd FMS.

I am trying to locate Joseph "Fred" Bush.  Fred and I came out of the 551st FMS, Otis  AFB, Mass. Fred was from Columbus , Indiana.

Contact Donald Spanks

Richard Coffman writes: (1 March 2011):

I was assigned to the 483rd FMS at Cam Ranh Bay Oct 31st, 1971 as an aircraft electrician on the C-7.  In Feb of 72 I was assigned to Phu Cat be an advisor to the VNAF and teach the VNAF aircraft electricians how to maintain the C-7.  I left Phu Cat Oct 72 and returned to the states.

Contact Richard Coffman

George Embrey writes: (20 February 2011):

I am George Embrey. I was attached to the 57th Aviation Squadron, Vung Tau Viet Nam in 66 which I believe turned into the 536 TAS in January 67. My crew Chief was Amos Howard. Looking for anyone that was there about the same time.

Contact George Embrey

Charlie Henwood writes: (11 February 2011):

Did anyone know Mike O'Donovan?  He was in the 458th from Sept 67 to Oct 68.  He died while flying a T-28 at Hurlbert Field 4 Jan 73.  My wife is a Red Cross volunteer with his widow at MacDill AFB.  Her name is Angela Buckey (she remarried). She is interested in contacting anyone who knew him.  Also attending a reunion and maybe receiving the news letter. Please contact us and we will relay the info.

Contact Charlie Henwood

Dan Stodard (retired MSGT) writes: (12 November 2010):

I was with the 457th when we turned all the planes over to the VNAF in April 1972. I was one of ones that was sent back to the states. I would like to hear from any of the FM or Pilots or Co-pilots that I flew with. I am attaching a couple of pictures. Does anyone remember the name of the Major in this photo? It was made at Base Ops in April 72.

Who is ths Major?

This was received from Michael Tubbs on 23 September 2003:

Maj. Yargile (sp?) was with the 458th at Cam Ranh Bay while I was there. He was 2nd in command under Lt. Col John Polk. Bob also ran the operation in Bangkok for a little while. I was sent to Bangkok for a 7-10 day TDY but only spent about 4 days there. Maj. Yargile ran that op during that time. A great guy. When I came back to SAC at Loring I was getting out of active duty under Palace Chase and had to go to Keesler for an interview. I grabbed a ride to Offut but could not get out of there for Barksdale. I was sitting in base ops and there was Maj. Yargile. He said what are you doing here, my answer was trying to get a ride to Barksdale. There was a T-29 sitting on the ramp and they had told me that there was no room it was an inspection team going to Barksdale. It was Bob's inspection team. He just laughed and said come on with me and we can talk. That was the kind of guy that he was.


457th Ops

457th Sign

Contact Dan Stodard

John Northcutt writes: (16 April 2010):

John Northcutt (459th, '67 - '68) would like to know if anyone can identify the guys in the following three photos:

Northcutt Photo 1

Northcutt Photo 2

Northcutt Photo 3

If you can help contact John.

Contact John Northcutt

Dave Heil writes: (16 January 2010):

Hilda Radio op 1970-71 looking for buddies from 837th Air Div ALCC.  Also interested in any of the C-7A Caribou Association who are amateur radio ops.

Contact Dave Heil (K8MN)

Jeff Lamster writes: (3 November 2009):

My name is Jeff Lamster I worked in The Phu Cat ALCE from November 1968 til late August 1969.  I have fond memories of the C-130 and C-7 air crews that flew in and out of Phu Cat.  I would like to hear from anyone stationed at Phu Cat during the same period time. I was a 23 year old Airforce Ssgt at the time.  I was discharged in December of 1969 and was stationed at Luke AFB, in Base Operations.  I received an early out in December of '69, returned home to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, became a Police Officer and retired as a Lieutenant in 1996.

Contact Jeff Lamster

Jessica L. Salts writes: (29 October 2009):

My grandfather is the Lt. Col whose signature is at the bottom of the document you have here on your website.  His name is Lt. Col. (Ret) Edward J. Thielen.  He died in 1999.  He didn’t discuss his military experiences much.  Although the summary my mother got from the National Archives is sufficient in terms of explaining his medals, assignments, etc, we would also like to know what my grandfather was like during his active duty days.  We knew him to be loving, but also very private.  I’m hoping there are a few peers and some former subordinates out there who might be able to share a story (good, bad, or ugly) with us. [LtCol. Thielen was the Squadron Commander of the 459th TAS in 1967.]

Contact Jessica L. Salts

Chuck Herman writes: (10 October 2009):

I didn't fly the C7's, but I worked at Chu Lai ALCE, which controlled the routing of C7's, C23's, and C130's in and out of Chu Lai.  Looking for others that were there in 1969-1970 with the 834th Air Division.

Contact Chuck Herman

Ba Nguyen writes: (4 April 2009):

From: Nguyen, Ba T Civ USAF AFMC AFRL/RBCC
Sent: Thursday, April 02, 2009 10:44 AM
Subject: My T-28 Instructor Pilot

During my T-28 UPT at Kessler AF in 1971, my IP was a former C-7 pilot returning from Viet Nam war. He was a Maj John Leading at that time. I wonder that Maj Leading is one of your C-7A members. If he is, please let me know. I just want to give him a call or email to tell him that I am still alive and living in US. Thank you.

Ba Nguyen
AAR Chief Engineer

Contact Ba Nguyen

Virginia Copeland writes: (22 March 2009):

My father served in the USAF in the 483 Supply Squad at CRB twice. His name is Larry Copeland, he is USAF MSgt retired in 1978. He is looking for people he served with or people who remember him. He is digging up his Vietnam photos as we speak, if he can find them. Dad was in Fuels and is now going to be 70 years young in Sept and survived cancer.

Can you help?

Virginia Copeland
USAF Veteran
daughter of
MSgt L Copeland ret.

Contact Virginia Copeland

Marvin D. White writes: (20 March 2009):

I am Marvin D. White. I was stationed at Chu Lai from Apr 70 to Apr 71. I worked in Operations at first then went to cargo processing. My hooch mate worked at the south end (Bomb Dump). I am trying to find a patch from the 15 APS, if anyone knows where I can find one, please contact me.

Contact Marvin D White MSGT USAF (Ret)

Albert A. (PJ) Pjosek writes: (12 October 2008):

To Otto Fischer:

Hello Otto

This is PJ, I came down to Vung Tau TDY and you and Bridges trained me. Would like to say HELLO and how are you doing. Please if you see this email drop me a line.

Albert A. Pjosek (PJ)

Contact Albert A. Pjosek

Jim Nickerson writes: (5 August 2008):

I was stationed at Vung Tau and Cam Ranh Bay from January 1970 to January 1971. I was in the 535th and was a Life Support specialist. I was that airman that got up every morning and sent you pilots and engineers on your way to the sounds of Cosby Stills and Nash. I am trying to locate anybody who remembers me. I spent this weekend with Bob Berkey, Steve Fellar, and Kenny Sharp, who were there with me. We also talked to Tim Hurd on the phone. First time we have all been together in 37 years. Anybody who remembers me, or the time spent each evening between the hooches in Vung Tau, or the super hooches in Cam Rahn please contact me. Randy (cat), Joel, Lopez, Ryan, Butch you out there? It was guys like us with the aid of duct tape and wire that kept you flyboys in the sky.

Contact Jim Nickerson

Bob Hartford writes (2 June 2008):

I was doing some research on the Caribou, looking for some information regarding a flight around March 1969. We were bound for a resupply to a SF A Team near Tay Ninh VN and received ground fire while on short final. I was on that flight and came across a list of C-7s and was wondering if I could locate that plane or anyone who was a member of the crew.

I have a picture I believe is the Caribou which I have scanned. (Shown below). It looks like the tail has a KH designation. I talked to one of my team members, (The 3/101st RRC supported all of the Special Forces B Teams and MACV Advisory Teams in III Corps) and he thinks this was Mid March 69 and we were TDY to An Loc/Loc Ninh on that mission. I believe this was Advisory Team 47 and SF B-33. The flight was making a resupply to a SF A Team and then on to Saigon. I happen to be headed to R & R in Sydney and caught this flight out. Basically the damage was machine gun rounds on the pilots side down the fuselage and up the tail section. We were met on the ground by AF personnel but I was anxious to catch my flight to Sydney and didn't stick around, so I always wondered about the crew and wanted to thank them for the excellent job of getting back safe, which I didn't think would happen at the time.

So thank you and all the C-7 crews for the great job you did in VN.

Contact Bob Hartford

Carl Kunkle writes (25 May 2008):

My name is Carl Kunkle.  I worked in the Commanders office at Phu Cat during the period of April 1969 through April 1970. I would like to talk to anybody during that time.  I was the NCOIC of the Administration Office and also worked with the staff within the Operations Section. I knew some of the Load Masters and knew we lost some friends during that period.  It is something that after 30 some years this comes up.  I retired from the Air Force in June of 1981.  If anybody was there during that period, I would like to hear from you. Thank you in advance.

Contact Carl Kunkle

Charles W. Bagnal, Lt. General, U.S. Army, Retired writes (14 May 2008):

I am Charles W. Bagnal, Lt. General, U.S. Army, Retired, 221 West Springs Road, Columbia, SC 29223-6948.
The purpose of this e-mail is to let you know that I am helping Ted Dayharsh with a VA claim. The VA is having difficulty locating his active duty health records. One of the items relates to back injuries that he suffered in 2 aircraft accidents while on active duty. One involves an aircraft crash in 1957 for which I have secured a couple of affidavits. The other involves a Caribou crash in August of 1962 at Aloui in the Ashau Valley.  Bill Stejback was the first pilot and Ted was the co-pilot.  They crashed in the berm at the end of the runway.  Ted's back and knees were injured and he was admitted to the U.S. Army hospital in Saigon and was in traction.  I tried to call Bill Stejback in Good Hope, GA to get a statement from him but was saddened to hear from his son that Bill died of Alzheimers a couple of years ago.
I need to get in touch with anyone who may have knowledge of this crash and talk to them.

Contact Charles W. Bagnal

Dick Bare writes (10 May 2008):

I was a C-7 instructor pilot at Phu Cat in 1972. We trained the Vietnamese and turned the C-7s over to them. Looking for old friends.

Contact Dick Bare

Lewis Germann writes (31 March 2008):

My dad is Arthur Germann, and he lives in Dover De. He was a Flight Engineer while in Vietnam and he flew the C7 Caribou from 69 to 70.  I would like to know if anyone out there flew with my DAD, Arthur Germann (TSgt Germann).

Contact Lewis Germann

Dan Lorch Jr. writes (18 November 2007):

I would like to talk with anyone who knew my father Dan Lorch.  He flew a Caribou in Vietnam in 1966-67 [458th — ed].  He was awarded the DFC.  He passed away a few years ago, but I would like to talk to anyone who knew him.  Thanks.

Contact Dan Lorch

Steve Black writes (24 October 2007):

I was with Charlie Battery and a 155mm howitzer ammo SPC4 at that time. I would like to talk with old buddies that where there at time of the accident when tail# 62-4161 was shot down on 3 Aug 1967 at Ha Thanh. Thanks.

Contact Steve Black

Bob Henry writes (19 September 2007):

My brother Dick Henry was stationed with the 537th at Phu Cat in 1969 and 1970.  While there he received the Silver Star and DFC for his night missions over Dak Seang.  Unfortunately, he died in a C-130 accident in Arkansas.  I would be interested in hearing if anyone is around that knew him.  Thanks.

Contact Bob Henry

Jim Harwood writes (23 August 2007):

I am looking for anyone who knew Ray Gilboe at Vung Tau 1965 or 66. He was a good friend.

Contact Jim Harwood

Barden Revelle writes (1 August 2007):

Looking for Ghassan (Hal) Hallaway, Flight Engineer, 536th TAS, Vung Tau,'67-'68.  I was a fellow Flt. Eng. in the 536th. Also would like to hear from anyone with first-hand knowledge of the death of Spec. 4 Rex Doyle, who was shot dead one night in the hootch we all shared at 5th Special Forces at Can Tho.  Rex rigged our airdrop loads and frequently flew with us on the drops.  The shooting involved another Special Forces troop.  I'm not a lawyer and am not involved in any legal proceedings. All of Rex' immediate family are deceased according to recent info.

Contact Barden Revelle (Put "Caribou" in the Subject line so my spam filter won't eat it!)

Albert A. Pjosek (PJ) writes (4 June 2007):

I was in the 535th at Vung Tau Late 68 came in from Phan Rang TDY.  Stayed there till Dec. 68. Looking for Michael Hankins, email address on the site in no good.  Also, looking for Otto Fischer he was a Flight Engineer and trained me when I came to the 535th.  Anyone knowing the whereabouts of these two people or if you guys see this post please contact me.

Contact Albert A. Pjosek

Peggy Webb writes (5 October 2006):

My father Eugene Gregg served with the Air Force at Phu Cat Air Base from 1966 - 1967.  He was a cook.  I am looking for anyone who might have served with him as proof that he was in Viet Nam.  The VA does not have any record of him serving there.

Contact Peggy Webb

Lou Eisenberg writes (12 April 2006):

While at Phu Cat We made a movie of the Boo ops in I Corps.  The movie was turned over to the Dehav Tech rep. (can't remember his name) to make copies.  This was never done. This movie belongs in Air Force Museum any one that may have info on the Tech. or the movie please contact me.

Lou Eisenberg
Maj. 459th Phu Cat

Contact Lou Eisenberg

Susan Kearns writes (8 April 2006) — updated with more photos on 27 July 2006:

Chris Kearns
Chris Kearns, 1973

Chris Kearns Chris Kearns

Chris Kearns

I am trying to find anyone that knew my recently late husband:  1st Lt. Christopher L. Kearns was in Vietnam flying Caribous 71'-72'?  Possibly stationed at Tan Son Nhut and/or Cam Rahn Bay.  He receive the DFC for resupplying Ben Het on February 26, 1972.  Also the Air Medal (2nd Oakleaf cluster) for 71 through 72.

 Please, if there is anyone that remembers Chris, please email me.

 Thank you.

Contact Susan Kearns

Jerry J. Smith writes (19 August 2005):

I'm trying to locate SSgt Bill Parks (1967).  He was my flight engineer on C-130Es at Dyess AFB, Texas, 1966/67.  I went to EC-121Rs in SEA, he later went to C-7s.  Would like to hear from him again.

Jerry J. Smith
Lieutenant Colonel
United States Air Force, Retired

Contact Jerry J. Smith

Charles E. Dimon writes (28 June 2005):

Hi, I served with the 61st Avn. Company  (Caribou) from 1963-1964. I was in the communications section.  Would like to talk to anyone there during that time.  Thanks

Contact Charles E. Dimon

Frank Godek writes (22 March 2005):

If anyone knows how I can contact Maj. "Bear Tracks" Brown please let me know. He was the ALCE officer at Pleiku during Dak Seang 1970.

Contact Frank Godek

Bob Zeman writes (9 March 2005):

Looking for anyone who served with the ALCE at Cam Rahn Bay.  I was there 1971 to 1972.  You guys probably do not remember (maybe some do) that all officers received Bronze Stars for " riding the desks" while the troops got nothing...remember being told by MSGT Lavin (sp) that us enlisted would receive the Air Force Commendation Medal upon our return to "The World"...never happened!!!!!!  My feeling is that we deserved no less than the officers got for what we did......C7, C123 and C130 guys were the best!!!!   Bookie, Iris but I cannot remember the other call sign??  Have some pictures if anyone wants to trade. Take care......

Contact Bob Zeman SSGT USAF 1968-1972

The following was sent by Floyd T. Burks of the AAHF to Steve Lentz (9 March 2005):

To all interested and semi-interested parties:

The AAHF has completed the purchase process of an ex-Army Caribou to provide spares for our operational Caribou.  The 'new' Caribou is located at New Smyrna Beach, Florida and while mostly complete, is in somewhat rough shape.  It is our intention to attempt to repair 'Bou Two, as she is being called, to a state where she can be safely ferried back to home base at Tara Field in Georgia, to be a parts-donor for 'Bou One.  This project is aided by the possible acquisition of an additional Caribou ('Bou Three), which is conveniently located wing tip to wing tip with Two.  Three will never fly again, but has many of the parts we need to repair Two.  Failing to successfully repair Two, we need to strip her of her engines, flight control surfaces, landing gear and anything else usable for 'Bou One.

To accomplish this in the available time frame, March 28 to April 3, we are advertising for volunteers to join the AAHF's hard core of Caribou personnel, know as the 'Bou Crew, in the disassembly, re-assembly and testing of 'Bou Two.  At present, we have offers of equipment and space from the New Smyrna Beach Airport Manager and we intend to take tools and other material such as jacks, waste oil containers and other supplies from Tara to NSB.  What we need is help.  Some say we need professional help for attempting this project in the time allotted, but that's another issue.

If you feel you would like to be part of this endeavor, please respond ASAP to the contacts listed below.  If you would like to help, but are unsure of your mechanical skills or ability to climb all over the airplane as you did all those years ago, we still need lots of help tagging and logging parts, building frames to hold flight control surfaces, driving around the local area on any of a million errands, handling food issues and a ton of other projects.

The challenge has been issued:  Recover or strip not one, but two Caribou in the time allotted.  If you would like to be  part of this exciting project with old friends and new with a common interest, please contact either of the guys below.  If you need more information, it's available by email upon request.  There are tons of local motels and we have parking space for motorhomes (no hookups, but we're working on that).  Some amenities and lots of laughs will be provided.

Contact Denny Toaspern or Glenn Carr

This is a message received by Bob Markham (9 March 2005):

Hello Bob,

Mark Bills with Alaska Airborne up here in Wasilla, Alaska interested in getting in touch with some people who know a little something about the Dehavilland Caribou aircraft.  Sounds like a pretty amazing aircraft, I am possibly interested in  purchasing and operating one up here
in Alaska. I hope to be in touch with you soon.


Contact Mark Bills

Larry Kilgore writes (22 January 2005):

I was at Vung Tau the night aircraft 61-2399 was hit (23 April 1968).  My barracks for the 536th Squadron was just across the road from the aircraft.  I am trying to locate information and other people who were there that night.  Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Contact Larry Kilgore

Samuel K. Ford writes (18 January 2005):

"Bou" pilots,
My name is Samuel Ford, I’m 62 years old and blind.
I am searching for pilots who flew in the South Carolina maneuver area around Camden and Lugoff in the summer and fall of 1964, especially those who either flew or knew those who flew the "Missouri Mule", tail number 4144.
I am writing a story about my ride on the "mule" out of an alfalfa field on a down hill run to the power lines at the end.
If you can help, I will be very grateful.
Thanks again,

Contact Samuel K. Ford

Tom Finkler writes (17 November 2004):

B-17 Mechanic Search
Are you a retired or semi-retired A & P Mechanic with radial engine experience?  Do you have 4 weeks a year to donate to the B-17 tour?  If so, we want to hear from you!  We are looking to add a few more A & P mechanics to tour with the B-17 for the 2005 season. The requirements are: Able to donate at least 2 full weeks in the spring and 2 full weeks in the fall.  Able to attend and complete training held in February or March yearly (4 days including travel time)  Background or interest in Vintage/Warbird aircraft.  Have A & P License with radial engine experience.  Willing to work as a member of a team.  Properly represent EAA and the B-17 to the public.
Please submit a resume of your qualifications and any recommendations to:

B-17 TAMO Search
EAA Flight Center
1145 W 20th Ave
Oshkosh WI 54902

Contact Tom Finkler for more information

Jim Collier writes (26 October 2004):

If anyone knows the current phone number, address or email address of Roy C. Bell, 537th 66, please advise!

Contact: Jim Collier

Clarke "Dave" Hubbard writes (6 July 2004):

Trying to locate my roommate from the 535th TAS at Vung Tau in 1969/70.  William Carl Kassen.  C-7 pilot, retired Air Force Lt Col.  Appreciate any information by email or snail mail.

FOUND! No further need for contact information.

Edward Wick writes (13 March 2004):

I'm looking for anyone that might remember me. I was a propeller mechanic at Phu Cat (68-69). I would especially like to find the recovery crew that was with me at Gia Vuc Special Forces Camp. Some names I remember are James Odem, George Sam, Al Blaine, and Martin Burdette. Please contact me at the email below, or at this address:

Edward Wick
2600 E.Division #65
Mount Vernon
Wa. 98274

Contact: Edward Wick

John Karr writes (25 February 2004):

Looking for Chris Szabo or Christopher, from 1968-1969.

Contact: John Karr

Michele Owen-Danforth writes (24 November 2003):

My dad was stationed at Phu Cat 1968-1969.  He was a member of the 537th TAS.  He was a flight engineer.  I noticed on your website that there was a dedication in Abilene at Dyess.  My dad was stationed there before he retired.  I would love to be able to contact someone that knew him.   My dad died in 1984.  I have a thing someone made that says  "537th  TAS  Bill Dave  George  Bill  Phu Cat 1968-1969".    My dad's name was Billy Powell Owen and he was a TSGT during Vietnam.  I appreciate any help you could give me.

Contact: Michele Owen-Danforth

Lieutenant Colonel Dean C. Erickson writes (4 August 2003):

I am the son of Major Dale Erickson  (537th  Phu Cat '66/'67 and other places). I am looking for photos and/or stories of Dad for the time frame that he flew the Bou.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Dean C. Erickson
90th RRC G-4 Supply Division
Comm  501-771-8724
Fax  501-812-1211

Contact: Dean C. Erickson

Mario G. Covi 134th Avn Co/457th TAS, '66 writes (23 May 2003):

I was in Can Tho with the 134th Army Aviation company later known as the 457th TAS out of Cam Ran Bay, Republic of Vietnam. My superior was Master Sergeant Fred Boalt. I was wondering if anyone has any information on him or any of the other guys that served in the 457th TAS From October 1966 to October 1967. Thank you.

Contact: Mario G. Covi

Pete Rikeman 536th, '68 writes (24 April 2003):

I am looking for my old roommate Milt Whiting who was a Caribou pilot in the 536th in '68-'69.  The last I heard he had gotten an assignment to Grand Forks that may have been changed to Germany at the last minute.

Contact: Pete Rikeman

Michael Stoner writes (14 April 2003):

I would like to hear from anyone who has any info on the 2 a/c that where sold from the Omani air force to a company in Canada? in 1977. I was one of the ground crew who prepared the a/c in Oman for the transfer to the new owners. Maurice Rose was the overall 'gaffer'. I have some photos of the a/c in Oman and the rest of the crew.

Contact: Michael Stoner

Lawrence Fox writes (18 February 2003):

I would like to hear from anyone who knew my uncle, Edmond P. Gaudin. He flew the C-7 in Vietnam and Thailand. I'm pretty sure he was involved in running Caribou school as well.

Contact: Lawrence Fox

Jack Berube writes (8 February 2003):

I am the son of Major Howard "Howie" Berube - 536th in 1968.  Would you happen to have any photos from the Caribou pilots in that era?  I am looking to obtain old photos of my dad.  Thank you.

Contact: Jack Berube

Edward Hardy writes (1 February 2003):

The last I knew of Henry F. (Hank) Bell, he retired at port when he left Phu Cat around June, 1970, headed home to Ohio.  Would love to contact him if anyone knows his whereabouts. 

Contact: Edward Hardy

Wayne Richardson writes (20 January 2003):

My name is Wayne Richardson and I served in the Army from 1961 to 1964. I am looking for the two pilots that were checked out on the Caribou in 1962 at Hurlburt Field, Florida. At the time I was a 19 year old E-3. I crewed the aircraft for the Air Force while they ran their evaluation on the aircraft at Hurlburt. I do remember one was a captain, the other a 1st Lt. Thought maybe they were part of your organization. The aircraft that was on loan to the Air Force came from the 61st Aviation Co.out of Ft. Bragg, N.C. I remained with the 61st until I was discharged in 1964. The 61st went to Vietnam in '63, and ferried our own aircraft over. I'm currently a member of the Army-Otter-Caribou Association and the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, both fantastic organizations. Thanks for any assistance you can lend.

Contact: Wayne Richardson

E. R. "Mike" Anders writes (4 January 2003):

I am assisting a 17th Aviation Company veteran, Mr. Willard Schadler, document an incident where he suffered injuries while in flight over Vietnam.  Schadler says he was the Flight Engineer on aircraft #62-4186 in 1966.  Schadler says his CO at the time was a Major Franklin, and his pilot CWO4 Thomason and CWO4 Weldon his co-pilot on the mission. Schadler says the aircraft was damaged by enemy fire and he was wounded in the foot.

Schadler says a Captain Zike (sp) put him in for a Purple Heart but the medal was never awarded.  Schadler says his Platoon Sergeant, Sergeant Vaughn would remember the incident.  Unfortunately, Schadler has not been able to locate Zike, Vaughn, Franklin or Thomason over the years to try to confirm his recollections.

I realize you may not know any of the people or anything about the incident Schadler speaks of but I hope you might be able to refer me to someone who might know. I can be reached by telephone at: 1-800-497-6261.

Contact: Mike Anders

Robert Baitis writes (31 October 2002):

Robert Baitis is seeking information concerning his father Lt. Walter Baitis 536th '66, who passed away 11 June 1995. He has a letter from the squadron written to his father upon his departure back to the States.  It mentions that Walter was the first member of the 536th to return to the U.S. The letter states that he spent most of his time at "OL #1", which performs the more complex and demanding tasks of the 536th mission. If you are knowledgeable of Lt. Baitis' service in Vietnam or have any pictures of him please contact Jim Collier or Robert, below.

Contact: Robert Baitis

Walt Collins writes (28 August 2002):

Walt Collins (Pilot, 535th,'68-69) has opened Wally's American Pub 'n Grille in Phoenix, Arizona and extends an open invitation to all Caribou troops to come by. The Guinness is free for as long as you can tell lies about your Caribou experience.  Located at 44th and Camelback, 602-954-2040. Look forward to seeing you.

Contact: Walt Collins

Joseph L. Schara writes (27 August 2002):

My name is Joseph L. Schara, USAF, 1967-1972, Staff Sgt., Bien Hoa, Tet 68, June 1970 to March 1972. I worked out of the 1st Cav. Shack at Bien Hoa. I drove the forklift that loaded your planes for the 1st Cav. 3rd Field Forces, a Green Beret Detachment, and the ARV'S and I flew out on many of your missions. I would like to contact anyone from that time.

Here's the 1st Cav Shack:
1st Cav Shack

The Bien Hoa Flight Line:
Bien Hoa

Here's a picture of me when I was somewhat younger:
Joseph L. Schara

Thank you in advance of any help you can provide.

Contact: Joseph L. Schara

Ken Pacholka writes (15 July 2002):

I was wondering if maybe you could help me out.  I received this picture from a friend and was told it is a B-29 called "Lady of the Lake" and it is in Alaska. What I would like to know is the story behind it.  Do you think maybe you could pass it on to some of our Caribou friends to see if maybe some of them might know the story of what happened?

Here's the Photo:

Lady of the Lake

[This is a little off-topic, but what the heck! — webmaster]

Update [17 July 2002].  Jerry Presley sent the following link:  It has the complete story of the "Lady of the Lake".

Contact: Ken Pacholka

LTCOL Clarke Richardson (Ret) writes (7 April 2002):

I was Sqdn Commander of 483rd Svs Sqdn from July 1971 — May 1972. Returned May 1972, the day before the base was closed and given to the RVN. Col Erichson was last CO of 483rd in Vietnam.  Would like to hear from anyone there 1971—72 and particularly at the last closedown.

Contact: Clarke Richardson

Ronnie Mund  writes (6 April 2002):

My name is Ronnie Mund and I am the cousin of Theron Carl "Tex" Ferhenbach who flew C-7s and was shot down at Dak Seang on April 6, 1970. Anyone who knew him, or has pictures of him, we would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I have seen conflicting information about which unit he was in (some say 457th others say 459th) or what base he was stationed at.
Thanks for your help.

Contact: Ronnie Mund

Don Griffin  writes (14 March 2002):

I am trying to locate anyone awarded the DFC while flying the C-7.  The DFC Society, a non profit organization, whose members have been awarded the DFC, are trying to locate people who would be interested in joining the Society.   They have a reunion every 2 years, next one in San Diego in 2002.  Dues are $20.00 a year.  If you are interested, go to:

Contact: Don Griffin

Kenneth Synco  writes (3 March 2002):

I am trying to find any of the flight engineers who served with me in the 537th at Phu Cat from the 1969-1970 time period. And would like to know why so few of you belong to the Caribou Association!

Contact: Kenneth Synco

Robert McKernan  writes (3 March 2002):

I was a Caribou pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force, based in Vung Tau from May 1965 - January 1966.  It is important to me to find any information, or reference on a website or book, to the following accident:

One morning, probably between July 1965 - December 1965, a South Korean officer ran into the rotating propeller of a US military Caribou. He died instantly as his head was severed. 

Thank-you in advance for any assistance you may be able to offer.

Contact: Robert McKernan

Brad Bach writes (26 February 2002):

I was in country from February 1968 to November 1968.  I was a flight engineer at Camh Ranh Bay with the 457th.  I may have some photos and hopefully I will be able to find them.  I would like to hear from any of the others from the 457th. I would also like a patch (457th) as my stuff was lost in a move.  If anyone has one they could spare, or if not, just a picture so I can have one made. [Try for a scanned patch — webmaster]. Brad Bach, MSGT Retired, USAF.

Contact: Brad Bach

Don Tippett writes (23 February 2002):

I am looking for people who served in Vung Tau, November 1967 to November 1968. I worked on the line (Crew Chef) in the 535th; had some good times.

Contact: Don Tippett

Dan Frey writes (31 January 2002):

It was with great interest that I read the short account of the demise of my Uncle Gordon's flight on 6 Apr 1970 (Gordon Gaylord, Dak Seang).  Although I was only a toddler at the time, I still have a vivid memory of taking a flight with him in his private aircraft shortly before he went to Viet Nam.  Gordon Gaylord had three brothers who also served in the Air Force, although none were career men like Gordon.  My father was the youngest of those three.  I know that his loss was huge and the subject still isn't discussed.  I am now a MSgt stationed at Aviano AB, Italy.  My brother Mike is a TSgt stationed at McChord AFB, Washington and our younger sister Mary is a TSgt stationed with the Air National Guard at Robins AFB, Georgia.  All three of us are aircraft mechanics.  I work in structural maintenance and they're both engine mechanics.  The knowledge of our Uncle making the ultimate sacrifice for his country propelled all of us towards the Air Force and is a huge motivator for all of us to succeed.

At this point I'd be glad to know if you have any more information about my Uncle's last flight.  There's nothing in particular I'm looking for yet I want anything and everything you might have.  Pictures of him or his unit would be great.  Unit patches would be nice too.

Contact: Dan Frey

Jay Gehring writes (28 January 2002):

I am looking for John Lloyd. He was in the 535th at Vung Tau in 1968 to 1969.

Contact: Jay Gehring

George Davidson writes (13 January 2002):

I am looking for James Ward.  Where are you buddy?  I was stationed at Cam Ranh 69-70 with the 483rd. Anybody out there remember me?  Let's talk.

Contact: George Davidson

Bryan Bruton writes (1 January 2002):

I am looking for anyone from Material Control at Cam Ranh Bay during the period of January 1968 through January 1969. Also, any of the hootch mates from "F-4".

Contact: Bryan Bruton

Art Charland, TSgt (Ret) writes (26 November 2001):

I was at Fort Benning from the start of the Caribou take over from the Army then went to Tennessee as Instructor Flight Engineer. Looking for any of my student engineers or fellow instructors, anyone from the 4449 CCTS in Tennessee.

Contact: Art Charland

Kelly Grissom writes (25 September 2001):

I was in 537th TAS and looking for Don M. Jackson who also was in the 537th during Nov 67 - Nov 68.  Don and I were crew chiefs.

Contact: Kelly Grissom

Earl "Gil" Gilbert writes (22 August 2001):

I tried to comm. With Frank Doucett on his listed email address, but no luck. I guess it changed. Does anyone have a line on Clif Demello or P.J. Clark? Great to see association still growing, Earl "Gil" Gilbert, Msgt ret. 537th An Khe,Phu Cat, "the teeny weeny airline " great job to our web master.................

Contact: Earl "Gil" Gilbert

Wehart Hosea writes (13 August 2001):

I was with the 483rd OMS at Cam Ranh Bay (1972) when we were being deactivated.  A group of us were then assigned to MACV, Air Force Advisory Team 2, Detachment 2 and sent to Phu Cat to train the VNAF on the Caribous.  I'm looking for anyone that went to Phu Cat with me during that time period.  I left on Emergency Leave and then had to get a Compassionate Reassignment due to my Father's illness and never returned.  I think about all of the guys that worked with then.

Contact: Wehart Hosea

Steve McGarry writes (25 July 2001):

My father, Robert McGarry, was a crew member on Caribous from 1969 to 1970.  I would like to know more about his life during this time, so if there is anybody out there who remembers him, please contact me at the link below.  He was stationed at Phu Cat and then Cam Ranh Bay.

Contact: Steve McGarry

Bruce Toy writes (21 July 2001):

I am looking for any information on the whereabouts of Sherman Dunlap and Tom Gillespie, my hootch mates in the 535th at Cam Ranh Bay in 1971.

Contact: Bruce Toy

Butch Mckenna writes (2 July 2001):

I am looking for any information about Crew Chiefs Joseph Straw or Clarence Cook(e) from Cam Ranh Bay, Jan 1967 to Sept 1967.  I was Assistant Crew Chief on 63-9760.  Clarence Cook(e) was at Peterson Field,  Colorado Springs in the same time frame I was.

Contact: Butch Mckenna

Francis Bell writes (1 June 2001):

I am a former C-7A Crew Chief, Nov 67 - Nov 68, and would like to hear from some other Pilots and/or ground personnel with the 535th TAS at Vung Tau.  Some you steak highjackers have to still be around!

Contact: Francis Bell

John Schaeffer writes (29 May 2001):

I am a former C-7A Loadmaster, 1968-1969, and would like to hear from some other crew members.

Contact: John Schaeffer

Robert H. Moore writes (17 May 2001):

I was stationed at the 535th TAS from July 70 to July 71 as one of the admin clerks (an A1C at that time).  I am trying to locate John Schuepback who was there at the same time.

Thank you for any help.

Contact: Robert H. Moore

TSgt. Richard V. J. Anderson (Ret.) writes (11 May 2001):

I was in the second class (USAF) through Benning and would like to find a couple of old friends from Vung Tau in 67/68.  I spent most of the year at Can Tho Air Field with Co. D of the Fifth Special Forces, working for Major Howard Peck (C.O.) and Technical Sgt. Marvin (Red) Hall.  I looked at the site and found one name on the convention list, Clarence Snapp, but no address or E-Mail.  If you have any info on Maj. Peck or Red Hall would you please send them to me.

Thank you for any help.  Dick Anderson, AKA "Andy" — One of Peck's Bad Boys

Contact: TSgt. Richard V. J. Anderson

J. Patrick Garland, AVVBA (, US Army, MI — MACV 68/69 writes (29 April 2001):

I want to get in touch with Tim Black (457th, 1970) to invite him to a memorial that we, the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association, are doing this Memorial Day to Honor Captain Julius P. Jaeger, 457th, who was killed at Dak Seang in 1970, and his family.  It would be quite important to the family, we are sure, to be able to talk to Tim.  There will be over 50 family members attending.  Jaeger's widow and four daughters with their families are coming in from California.
If anyone has info on Tim or Captain Jaeger, please get in touch with me at the contact below.
Further info and an invitation to this memorial will be extended to all in the Caribou Association upon data completion.

Thanks for your help.

Contact: J. Patrick Garland

Harold Lucas writes:
I was the  second Air Force  Sergeant to arrive at Dong Ba Thin.  I had to help transfer  the C-7A's  to USAF.  I went from there to Cam Ranh Bay. This was in 1967. I would like to  know if anyone remembers the name of the cook at  Cam Ranh  who was called Cuz; he also played guitar and sang in the clubs. He was from Wilksboro, N.C.
   I played the banjo and sang in the clubs also. If anyone remembers Harold Lucas, please contact me by e-mail . If anyone has any information on Carl Tofoya let me know also.

Contact: Harold Lucas

Earl Koehler writes:
Got my Boo Newsletter, and searched for the Web Page and it is GREAT!  Was with the 17th Avn Co — Nov - Dec '66.  Moved to Phu Cat Jan '67 — 537th TAS.  Believe I remember Earl Reynolds, and our CO at Phu Cat was Col. Olsen.  The Boo did its job!  I was a B-47 AC/Instructor before getting picked for C-7 as they had (McNamara's idea ) put the B-47 out to pasture in late '65, so they had to find WORK for us — hope to make a reunion again.  Haven't been since Warner Robins.  I have WWII 454th Reunion each year, 08th Bomb Wing — B-47's every other year, and Elks National Convention each year, so am sorta busy.  If anyone remembers me, send an e-mail!


Walt Collins writes:
Walt Collins (535th Vung Tau, 68-69) and Mark Bondo (Phu Cat, 68-69) got together for a Phoenix Coyote Hockey Game; had not seen each other in 31 years. Had a great time! Looking for our flight. commander from 68-H, Capt. Bob Reisinger if anyone has heard of him in their wanderings. Great Web Page

Contact: Walt Collins, Phoenix AZ

John Liner writes:
I am John Liner.  I was one of the team members at A-245, Dak Seang, in the Central Highlands. I am writing a book on the month-long siege that occurred in April 1970.

The C-7A crews played an extremely important role in enabling the camp to survive.  Certainly, I would not be here right now, were it not for you guys and the Army's 170th AHC.

I would like to contact anyone who flew in support of the camp during the siege.  It is very important that their stories and anecdotes be included in the account.

If you know anyone that was there, could you please ask them to contact me?  I do not feel the crews have been given sufficient recognition for their efforts and sacrifices. I am fairly certain that at least 3, and possibly four Caribous were shot down during the battle.  I witnessed one of them.

Though it is 30 years late, thank you for
what you did for us

Contact: or

Skip writes:
I am looking for anyone who knew my father, Major William Jerome Clark III.  He was stationed at Cam Ranh Bay in 1967.  His unit was the 458th.  His plane crashed on 11-30-67 during a normal transport flight.  I believe the other pilot was Major Thomas Moore.  (See the reference in Aircraft Losses.)  Please contact me if you have info.


Scott Moore writes:
My name is Scott Moore, active duty Navy SEAL Cdr.  My father was a pilot (Major Tom Moore) on a C-7B (62-4175) of the 458th TAS/485th TAW. The entire crew and all passengers were killed when the bird crashed into a mountain in marginal weather conditions outside of Nha Trang on November 30, 1967. (See the reference in Aircraft Losses.)  I'm looking for any old crewmen who knew the guys on this bird just for general info.


Billy  (William J.) PalmerJr. aka William James Gunner
"Golf Romeo" Quan Loi Tower '68
US Army Air Traffic Controller Association writes:
Hello,  I am the webmaster for  I am seeking information and photos on a C-7A, call sign "Iris 421". This aircraft delivered our mail daily, I believe from Cam Ranh Bay. Can any member of the association help me out?


James writes:
I'm looking for people who may have known my father, James L. Gleason, Jr., during his service in Vietnam (459th TAS, Phu Cat, 1968). He retired in 1974 from the Air Force and is currently living in Seffner, Florida and working for CSX Railroad.  He doesn't use computers much so I'm taking the initiative to find out about the association for him. If you know him or want to pass on some information on how to get him more involved please email me at the contact below:


Michael Lapa writes:
If anybody knows or remembers Manfred (Mani) Kimball from the C-7 days in SEA, please let me know.  He served in the 536th TAS, Vung Tau in the '68-'69 time frame.  He's currently the Chief Flight Engineer at our unit and is getting ready to retire from the AF Reserves after 35 years of service to his country. Our unit is planning a nice send-off for him and I'm seeking stories/info/anecdotes/pictures as a surprise. I will update this posting as information (unit/dates in country), become available to me.  I would like to present him with a membership into the Caribou Association as one of his gifts.

Contact: or

Larry Sparks writes:
Cam Ranh Bay/Ban Me Thout 68-69 — ALCE with 834th Air Division at CRB and TDY with 483rd fall/winter of '68 with mobile ALCE working with much overloaded C-7A on really red, really muddy strips.  "Just what is/are indigenous personnel anyway?"  Anyone who has flight followed the C-7A and worked at an Air Lift Control Element please contact.  Especially '68 - '69 era.


Jim Angus writes:
I live in Fenton, MI and I am looking for Bill Babbitt.  He worked the flight line at Cam Ranh Bay — don't (can't) remember if he was in the 457th or 458th.   I was stationed with him at Travis AFB, left before he did, and ran into him at CRB.  He was from Detroit and have been looking for him.  If anybody has any info on him please email.  I worked on the west side of CRB turning the 141's etc. back to the states — thanks again for your help a great web


Frank Doucette writes:
Anybody out there from the 17th Avn Co, 1st Cav, '66 to '67 during the AF takeover prior to our moving to Phu Cat? Would like to hear from you.


Ed Hamell writes:
I'm a former member of the 535th TAS 1969-1970. I was stationed at Vung Tau, Cam Ranh Bay and Can Tho. Looking for anyone who remembers me or Larry Longacre (483rd Docks) 69-70-71. I was crew chief on Boo Boo Magoo acft serial #402. Also Acft #384. John Davis- Ab Gandy -Rudy Carr- Garner- Jimmy Nutto - Milt Walberg- Chuck Bright - Butler- John Igo - Willie Williams - Doug Bender- Lary Baker- Dave Hoskins- Bobby Betts or anyone else.


Milton Kelley, 536th TAS, 68-70 writes:
Just wondered if there's anyone out there who was with the 536th TAS at Vung Tau from 1969 - 1970?.


Ron Ruiz (MSgt (Ret)), 459th TAS, Jun 68-Jul 69 writes:
Greetings to all those who were associated with the 459th during that time and to say to our sister squadron, the 537th, that I met up with one of yours — John Wiggington (Lt Col, Ret), when we were both stationed at the University of Kansas, AFROTC Det 280, 73-77.  He retired, bought a house and stayed in Lawrence, Kansas as a school teacher.


Rick Zastrow writes:
Looking for info about Al Teasley, John Mohr, and Billy Harms, with whom I served at Vung Tau in 68-69 with 535th TAS. Ran into Al at March AFB in 70 when I was at Edwards. Al was career, I was short timer.


John Staley writes:
Looking for any 457th TAS guys from 1970-71.  Saw Tom Finnelli's name at the last reunion and want to talk with him, too.


Bill Troy writes:
I am looking for John Steele, Jose Perez, anyone else serving late October 67/68 Phu Cat, 537th TAS. Would love to hear from you.


Captain Don Terrill writes:
Looking for Ralph Lumm and Jan Reifenberg out of the 457th 70/71

Living in St. Louis and invite everyone to drop in.
See you at the next reunion!

Contact: Don Terrill
Director, Training
ATA Connection/Chicago Express Airlines

Walt Collins writes:
Looking for Mark Bondo, UPT Class 68H Flew C-7 68-69
Also looking for info about others...

In restaurant business in PHX, Az "Cooper'stown" 602-253-7337
All Caribou pilots... "drinks are on me!"

Contact: Walt Collins

Peter Bird writes:
Fred Nelson and Jeff Brower where are you?

Contact: Peter Bird

Darrel Whitcomb writes:
I flew the C-7 out of Phu Cat with the 537th in 70/71, and flew one back to the states. I am looking for the guys who had to ditch the Bou off of the Calif. coast in late 71. Pilots were Donny Henderson and Jim Breitenstein. I would like to do a story on that. It was quite a rescue.

Can anybody help me find the pilots or FE?

Contact: Darrel Whitcomb

22 May 2021 01:42 PM

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