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Since there are now two memorials to USAF Caribou personnel lost in the Vietnam War, it seems appropriate to have a dedicated place in the web site for them. Last year, the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association dedicated a memorial to Captain Julius Patrick Jaeger.  This year, the C-7A Caribou Association dedicated a memorial at Dyess AFB in Abilene, Texas to all 38 of the Caribou men killed in Vietnam.  It is hoped that we will be able to provide more of these memorials as time goes on.


Memorial Index

The most important of all the memorials is the Wall in Washington, DC
The Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial has a full set of resources.
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Atlanta, Georgia Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas
Hill AFB, Ogden, Utah National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
Robins AFB, Georgia  


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