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The Photo Album grew tremendously over the years. Peter Bird did an OUTSTANDING job of cleaning up and scanning the slides and pictures we sent to him. His macular degeneration prevented him from adding to the collection during the last four years. Enjoy the excellent collection of photos on the website to remind us about our days with a GREAT aircraft.

Reference Map:

Click here for the large reference map of South Vietnam (slow to load)To refresh your memory as to the location of some of the photos, here is a map of South Vietnam from about the 1968 time frame.  This will open in a separate window that you can refer to when you want to find a particular location.  I apologize for the size, but it is impossible to include enough detail with a smaller map.  Some of the airfields have links that will display a page from the Tactical Aerodrome Directory.  More will be added as time goes on.  Note: This was Don Irwin's suggestion via the forum and it seems like a great idea.

C7-A Peter Bird's [535th, 1971] photo pages:

Caribou Pictures
Other Aircraft
Cam Ranh Pictures
Other Vietnam Pictures
Miscellaneous Vietnam
Snake School

C-7A John Stymerski's [459th, 1968] Photo Collection — over 400 of them!!

Caribou and Caribou Airfields
Other Aircraft
Phu Cat Base Photos

C-7A Tom Finkler's [459th, 1969] Photo & Movie Collection

Some very unusual photos!
Two Caribou movies from Oshkosh 2000!

C-7A Al Cunliffe's [458th, 1968] Photo Collection

Al's old photos and a couple of newer ones

C-7A Steve Lentz's [458th, 1969] Photo Collection

Steve's 1968/1969 photos of Cam Ranh and Nha Trang

C-7A Jerry Presley's [483rd, 1968] Photo Collection

Jerry's 1968/1969 photos of Cam Ranh

C-7A Rick Ransdell's [535th, 1970] and Tom Koza's [537th, 1970] Photos

Rick and Tom's Photos

C-7A Bob Payne's Photos [458th, 1967] (added 17 new ones 9 Sep, 2002)

Bob's Collection

C-7A Roy Bell's [537th, 1966] Photos from the transition period of the Caribou from the Army to the Air Force.  These are a must-see for anyone who was based at Phu Cat later than 1967!

Roy's Collection

C-7A Bryan Waltz's Photos of a couple of Caribous, one USAF, one RAAF, at Dalat Cam-Ly in 1968.

Bryan's Collection

C-7A Joe Kurtyka's [459th, 1966] Photos from Phu Cat and Quin Nhon from the 1966 - 1967 transition period from the Army to the Air Force.

Joe's Collection

C-7A Gary Blessing's [535th, 1968] Vung Tau photos from the 1968 time period.

Gary's Collection

C-7A Earl Gilbert's [537th, 1966] Phu Cat and An Khe photos from the 1966/1967 time period.

Earl's Collection

C-7A Steve Kelley's [536th, 1968] photo collection.  We will have to wait to get proper captions on them, but the photos are finally posted.

Steve's Collection

C-7A Jim Hathcoat's [536th, 1970] photo collection.  Jim's pictures are from the end of the Caribou era in Vietnam and include shots taken during the ferry home across the Pacific.

Jim's Collection

C-7A Bob Moore's [535th, 1970] photo collection.  Bob's photos are from around Cam Ranh Bay in the 1970/1971 time frame

Bob's Collection

C-7A Roy Dunn's [535th, 1968] photo collection.  This is just a start, but I am assured there will be more to come!

Roy's Collection

C-7A Mark Hunt's [458th, 1968] photo collection.  A variety of shots around Cam Ranh in the 1968 - 1969 time frame.

Mark's Collection

C-7A Ken Fillmore's [536th, 1970] photo collection.  Ken has some really great in flight shots in this bunch.

Ken's Collection

C-7A Bill Falconer's [459th, 1969] photos.  There are only two photos here, but I'll bet there are a lot of familiar 459th faces.

Bill's Collection

C-7A Stan Owens' [483th, 1969] photos.  Photos around Cam Ranh in 1969.  Added for new photos of the crash in Vung Tau in 1969.

Stan's Collection

C-7A Larry Schiff's [459th, 1966] photos.  Photos of the 92nd Avn Co and 459th from the 1966 - 1967 time period.

Larry's Collection

C-7A Colonel Lewis F. Gifford, Jrs' [458th, 1966] photos, graciously supplied by his wife.  These are very early in the Air Force stewardship of the Caribou.

Colonel Gifford's Collection

C-7A Bob Dugan's [537th, 1968] photos of mostly people in the 537th.

Bob's Collection

C-7A Bill Campbell's [537th, 1970] photos of his travels out of Phu Cat.

Bill's Collection

C-7A Mike Loughran's [457th, 1971] photos in the 1971 era.

Mike's Collection

C-7A Jay Baker's [535th, 1966] photos from Vung Tau in 1966-1967

Jay's Collection

C-7A A. J. Stinson's [535th, 1966] photos from Vung Tau in 1966-1967

A. J.'s Collection

C-7A John Richards' [483th, 1970] photos from 1971.  He has some really great ones of the gear-up landing in Chang Mai, Thailand!

John's Collection

C-7A Tom Bilger's [483rd, 1971] photos from 1971/1972.  The painting of the last Santa Bou and rocket damage to the 483rd FMS building just before Cam Ranh was shut down.

Tom's Photos

C-7A Frank Godek's [537th, 1969] photo of the 1969 Santa Bou at Phu Cat.

Frank's Photo

C-7A Charles Harris' [536th, 1968] photos around Vung Tau in 1968/1969.

Charles' Photos

C-7A Dana Kelly's [536th, 1970] photos from the 1970 time frame.

Dana's Photos

C-7A Kenneth Synco's [537th, 1969] 1969 hog roast at Phu Cat.

Kenneth's Photos

C-7A Bob Farmer's [457th, 1971] very late photos from 1971/1972

Bob's Photos

C-7A Jerry York's [537th, 1967] early photos of Phu Cat and LZ Litts

Jerry's Photos

C-7A Don Griffin's [536th, 1966] extensive collection from the early period.  These are links to Don's own galleries that open in new pages.

Vietnam 1966 - 1967
Vietnam — Caribou Association Photos
Vietnam Photos

C-7A John Mood's [457th, 1969] photos of the crash at Tien Phouc in December of 1969.  This was the basis for the article "Shortest Tour" in the November 2008 newsletter.

John's Photos


C-7A A tribute to the RAAF Caribou Squadrons 35 and 38.

RAAF Tribute


C-7A Chris Daly's [459th, 1970] Phu Cat Santa Bou photos from 1970.

Santa Bou


C-7A John Record's [457th, 1970] collection of "then and now photos".  Some things have changed, others have not!

John's Photos


C-7A A link to Jack Froelich's [457th, 1968] collection.  The building of the 457th party hootch and others.

Jack's Photos

C-7A A set of 1966 Fort Benning photos that Pat Hanavan found in the archives at Maxwell.

Fort Benning

C-7A Lloyd Boyd's [536th, 1968] Pictures from Vung Tau.

Lloyd's Photos

C-7A Greg Plumb's [483rd, 1967] very early Cam Ranh photos as well as photos of the "friendly fire" shootdown of 62-4161 at Ha Thanh.

Greg's Photos

C-7A Denny Dillon's photos of supporting Ben Het in 1969

Denny's Photos

C-7A Walter Baitis' [536th, 1966] photos from 1966

Walter's Photos

C-7A Kenneth Chrisman's [535th, 1967] photos from of the first USAF Caribou (61-2387) shot down by enemy fire.

Ken's Photos

C-7A Chuck Davis' [536th, '69] photos from the Vung Tau area

Chuck's Photos

C-7A Joe Spooner's [536th, '70] photos

Joe's Photos


C-7A Beat Gysi's Santabou Model

Beat's Photos


C-7A Danny Yates' early 1967 pictures

Danny's Photos


C-7A David Sommers was a photographer with the 660th Photo Squadron and he has a few very nice shots

David's Photos

C-7A Ron Lester's photos from 1967/1968.  A lot of early I Corps and II Corps.

Ron's Photos


C-7A Charles Dexter's photo from 1962 at Korat.  This amounts to our "prehistory".

Charles' Photo


C-7ANew Photos! George Finck's photos from 1968

George's Photos


C-7ANew Photos!

Bob Dugan's Reunion Photos from over the years

Bob's Photos


Bill Avon's Santa Bou Friendly Fire The Photographers End of the Trail
Santa Bou Friendly Fire at Ha Thanh The Caribou Photo Club Bous at Davis-Monthan
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